Clever cake makers, I have a question re 3D cakes.

morgie9, May 22, 9:02am
Is it better to use a heavier cake mix or a lighter cake? TIA

abbey_magick, May 22, 9:15am
Id go with heavier, because it needs to be solid enough to support weight (but im talking layers here, not just a round thing)... . .

How 3d are you going for?

juliewn, May 22, 9:52am
I agree with Abbey. . if you're wanting an easy and tasty cake to use as a base, I recommend the Coconut Layer Cake in the Edmonds book - made in one tin, not as layers. . use the same oven temp. . bake till it's cooked when tested. . it's fairly firm for icing or creating different shapes, without being too heavy. .

I've used this for birthday cakes for almost 27 years, since my eldest was a year old. . and it's a special part of birthday's to use that cake each time. .

morgie9, May 22, 7:41pm
a 3D bear

farmerbu, May 31, 7:45am
you know you can hire 3D bear cake tins... but i suggest a heavier cake. . most anything will do. . just not sponge or carrot cake.

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