Custard powder substitute

raewyn64, May 22, 12:58am
Just got a biscuit recipe which has 1/2 cup custard powder in it - I don't have any - is there something I can use instead?

Recipe is
caster sugar
vanilla essence
self raising flour
custard powder

Thanks very much

margyr, May 22, 1:33am
you could just use an extra 1/2 cup of flour, but then they will not be the same as the recipe, so you will have to call them raewyn biscuits. also perhaps a little more sugar.

245sam, May 22, 1:34am
raewyn64, I suggest that you use cornflour - that, after all, is basically what custard powder is (+ colouring and flavouring). :-))

raewyn64, May 22, 1:43am
Thanks everyone. "Raewyn Biscuits" sound great haha

terraalba, May 22, 1:49am
I find cornflour and custard powder pretty much interchangeable. A bright yoked egg or even a wee bit of yellow colouring might help the look of the biscuits and flavouring like vanilla too,

juliewn, May 27, 7:57pm
Yes, cornflour works beautifully. .

My Pavlova recipe has a couple of teaspoons of cornflour included - I sometimes have substituted custard powder for a hint of colour in the pavlova. .

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