Nice wine

dancedancedance, May 20, 6:38am
What would be a nice wine to get as a wedding gift - to be kept until their 5th anniversary? ? max $100. :)

mazzy1, May 20, 6:45am
You can't go past a Central Otago Pinot Noir - central gourmet galleria has a great selection in Clyde... ... ... ... ... .

nfh1, May 20, 6:56am
Are they likely to keep it until the 5th Anniversary do you think? If not then perhaps a Gift Pack with say three different ones in for them to enjoy after the wedding.

lcscott, May 22, 4:50am
try Allan scott he does pack of threewhites

greerg, May 22, 5:02am
Northburn Station is a lovely Central Otago pinot but not well known and they also so a lovely pinot gris. Could do both for $100 if you got directly from the winery. Akarua and Mt Difficulty at Bannockburn are also really good.

nauru, May 27, 8:05am
How about having a personalised label on your wines. Take a look at, you can choose your wine and they will label it for you.