Gluten free chocolate cake

shelley39, May 19, 5:22am
I am making a birthday cake for my mother on sunday. It has to be gluten free. Has anyone got a nice moist recipe. It doesnt have to be chocolate. Thanks

245sam, May 19, 5:26am
shelley39, have a look at:- aspx

Once there do a search for 'gluten free' and you'll find a variety of cakes, and biscuits too.

Hope your Mum has a very Happy Birthday. :-))

herika, May 19, 6:02am
Hi shelley,
Is your mum only gluten free or does she have other food intolerances as well?
I will post a recipe in the hope its okay with your mum :425g can sliced mango in natural juice, drained, 6 eggs separated, 1 cup castor sugar, 250g almond meal, sliced mango and srawberries, plus mint to decorate. Grease 22cm round pan line with baking paper. Pat mango dry with absorbent paper. Blend in blender till smooth. Place egg yolks and sugar in small bowl beat till light and fluffy. Transfer to large bowl. Add mango puree and almond meal stir to combine. Place egg whites in small bowl beat with electric beater till soft peaks form. Add to egg yolk mix in 2 batches fold in gently. Pour mix into prepared pan. Cook in moderately slow oven 160oC for about 1 1/4hours or until firm to touch. Cover with foil if cake is over browning while cooking. Cake will still have a slight wobble when cooked. Remove from oven and cool in pan. To serve turn out onto serving plate and decorate with mango, strawberries and mint :)

shelley39, May 21, 1:42pm
thanks they look good. My mum has a food intolerance to almost everything so I amd trying to adapt a recipe. She cant have sugar so I use xylitol and rice milk and gluten free flour/baking powder etc. If I can find a basice recipe I can then change the ingredients around. Thanks

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