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lisa202, May 17, 6:30am
Greenhithe Playcentre members, past and present have contributed their favourite family recipes to produce the first edition of the Greenhithe Playcentre Recipe Book – Family Favourites.

There are so many fantastic cooks within our centre and we have fond memories of the scrumptious home cooked food at various events held over the years. We have now gathered them into one great recipe book.

The recipe book has been produced not only to capture our favourite recipes, but also to raise funds towards replacing our 80-year-old building to provide a purpose built Playcentre to meet Ministry of Education Early Childhood Education regulations and current Health & Safety standards. Helping support our new building gives our children and future generations a safe and fun environment to play and learn.

Would anyone be interested in buying a cookbook to help our centre raise funds? The cookbooks are $10 each plus $1 for postage

paghan, May 17, 6:57am
If you make some auctions then people can buy a book. I would get one :)

lisa202, May 17, 7:09am
I have them listed ...

cookessentials, May 17, 7:12am
Hi Lisa, can you give me a bit of an idea on what sorts of recipes are in there?

lisa202, May 17, 7:20am
Hi Pam! ! ! Long time no hear! There are all sorts of recipes, here you go:
Recipes for play: 5
Just for kids: 3
Starters and snacks: 4
Muffins, loaves & bread: 14
Biscuits & slices: 26
Vegetable based dishes: 11
Chicken & Fish: 7
Beef & Lamb: 7
Desserts: 6
Sweets: 3
Drinks: 1

Hope that helps!

lisa202, May 17, 7:28am
Theres all sorts from Spicy Thai Lamb Shanks to Feta muffins filled with salami & pesto, to Lemon Meringue cheesecake... YUM!

cookessentials, May 17, 8:19am
Thanks Lisa, sounds interesting. Gosh, have not been to Greenhithe in a while. I have been off work with a migraine today... my gorgeous man held the fort while I spent the best part of the day over a bowl ... yay!
When I am a bit mmore clear headed tomorrow, i might just get one... after all its all for a good cause. Let me know if you guys are doing any other fundraisers... raffles or anything, I would be happy to donate something for you.

lisa202, May 17, 7:12pm
Hi Pammy, hope you're feeling better today, just as well you've got a great man by your side aye! ! We are having a big fundraising night in August, maybe I should send you an email with details...

lisa202, May 17, 8:30pm
You have mail Miss Pam!

cookessentials, May 17, 9:42pm
Thanks Lisa, sounds like a good idea. i am wondering if it would be better to put a "pack" together - something like a baking pack with a variety of things in it - you could always put a cookbook in with it to make a really interesting prize. Shall discuss with you by email later today - just catching up on getting orders out etc... Brian is such a honey, he did a great job yesterday, luckily for me he is self employed!

lisa202, May 19, 8:20pm
Anyone else for a fab cookbook?

lisa202, May 24, 12:19am
Thank you so much to those of you who have helped us by buying a cookbook, it is much appreciated!

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