Tomato Relish

hidecote01, Nov 16, 10:07pm
Has anyone made tomato relish out of tinned tomatoes? Would like to make just a few jars.

kaddiew, Nov 16, 10:48pm
I haven't, but Chelsea have a recipe that keeps, using tinned tomatoes. Makes one jar of relish but I guess you could double or triple the recipe .

I bought chopped tinned tomatoes yesterday at Paknsave. 2 for $1.

kaddiew, Nov 16, 10:53pm

hidecote01, Nov 17, 12:07am
I think I might give it a go. Sounds easier with tinned tomatoes.

crazynana, Nov 17, 1:34am
I would try the recipe that makes one jar of relish and see how it goes. Then if it is good you could double, triple or whatever the recipe. Tinned tomatoes are cheap and would be timesaving too. Let us know how it turns out if you do make some.

letitia, Nov 17, 2:56am
I make tomato relish every year when we have tomatoes in the garden. But last season I didn't have enough tomatoes to make the relish I needed, so with each batch I used half fresh tomatoes (some of which were not all that ripe) and half tinned tomatoes. The result was just as good as always. I can see no reason why it wouldn't work with all tinned tomatoes.
I use the Edmonds recipe.

hidecote01, Nov 17, 4:20am
Tks I could be a starter with this.

cottagerose, Dec 3, 6:06am
I did years ago and it worked fine but don't have a recipe but I wonder if a can of watties tomatoes Mexican or the savoury flavour tomato can added to a couple of plain tomato cans might give a nice tang to the relish. I just read the ingrediants on the cans and I think the flavours would go nice

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