Chicory root coffee substitute

les6, Jan 27, 3:29am
I finally got around to making some of this after many years reading about it.We had alot coming up at work which was a pain and we had to pull alot out bringing up the large parsnip looking tap root.I started feeding it to our deer and noticed they went straight for the root every time.Did a bit of study on the net and got some nice looking roots that were scrubbed and diced.I started to air dry them but was a bit slow so put them through the food procecessor to the consistency of coarse sawdust.I dried this out for a few days a nd then put it in the oven for a couple of ours till it was quite brown and crisp taking care to not let it actually burn.I started crushing it with a rolling pin but was slow so I put it in the blender and powdered it that way.Ran it through a coarse sieve and hey presto it looks and smells very coffeeish.A couple of teaspoons in and old plunger and it is quite drinkable .Very lingering after taste but not unpleasant.I do not drink coffee as a rule but this was a worthwhile exercise and i think I will do some more.Anyone else done this?

punkinthefirst, Jan 27, 8:13am
No, but back in the 50s, and probably before that, coffee and chicory essence was what my parents used to make coffee.
The animals just LOVE chicory, don't they?

rainrain1, Oct 31, 4:44pm
And coffee and chicory essence is still on the shelves today. delicious added to that coffee cake and icing, the only way to go.

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