Bottle of cream to use up

sweater, Jul 14, 1:50am
Could I use L&P in place of lemonade to make the scones, have the cream but no lemonade.

lythande1, Jul 14, 1:58am
Freeze it, it keeps for ages.

maplekiwi1, Jul 14, 2:14am
a pasta sauce like alfredo or carbonara

kaddiew, Jul 14, 3:34am
Of course you can

sweater, Jul 14, 5:56am
Thanks kaddiew I will make tomorrow

rainrain1, Jul 14, 6:11am
Hate scones

kaddiew, Jul 14, 6:15am
I like scones but am not so keen on the lemonade/cream ones myself, as I find them too soft & cakey.

lilyfield, Jul 14, 6:18am
Freeze in ice blocks to add to soups and sauces etc.

tinkagirl, Jul 14, 10:29pm
freeze it and use it for scones in the future, it freezes well

miss-skyline, Jul 18, 10:49pm
Peppercorn sauce
Add cream into a small pan. add grinded pepper approx 1 Tablespoon
Simmer until cream thickens and pour over steak. yummy

flossey, Jul 24, 7:00am
Thats yummy. If you pan fry some mushrooms first then add the cream and pepper. Simmer to reduce. So yum

punkinthefirst, Jul 26, 9:47am
Whip it without sugar, pipe it out in blobs on gladwrap on a tray and freeze. Once frozen, put the blobs in a container or bag and use as required. on cakes, on desserts, in your coffee or hot chocolate, stirred into soup, or sauces or whatever.

rainrain1, Sep 7, 10:45pm
do you have a favourite idea. No sponge cakes thanks

buffy37, Sep 7, 10:47pm
Potato bake

kaddiew, Sep 7, 10:54pm

kaddiew, Sep 7, 10:56pm

gayle6, Sep 7, 10:58pm
Lemon Syllabub
• 300ml whipping cream
• 50g caster sugar
• 50ml white wine or liqueur
• zest and juice from 1 lemon
• almond thins or berries , to serve
Whip the cream and sugar together until soft peaks form. Stir in the wine, most of the lemon zest and the juice. Spoon into glasses or bowls, sprinkle with the remaining zest and refrigerate at least 6 hours. Serve with almond thins or berries.
You can also use 1/2 yoghurt in place of 1/2 the cream.

fifie, Sep 7, 11:35pm
Salted caramel sauce, great over ice cream, or stewed pears. What's left in bottle throw in scones or sugar top buns.

crazynana, Sep 7, 11:40pm
300ml cream, 300mls lemonade, 3-4 cups self raising flour. Mix and shape into scones. You can add cheese or dates or sultanas etc if you like. Makes lovely light scones. very quick and easy.

vmax2, Sep 8, 2:55am
In coffee, make cream yoghurt.

rainrain1, Sep 8, 6:08am
Some good ideas, thankyou

deano, Sep 8, 9:54pm
Make a quiche and use cream and egg mix for filling.

ed65, Sep 8, 10:37pm
Just what I was going to suggest. For savoury scones you can replace the lemonade with soda water.

wasala, Jan 13, 3:57pm
I had a cup of cream to use up yesterday so mixed it with 1 cup self raising flour, 1 cup grated cheese, plus one egg and because the mixture was a bit thick I added another 1/2 cup milk and made the loveliest cheese puffs. Baked at 220 degrees for 15 mins. Very light and airy.

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