Bread Maker (Machine) Question

ace441, Jan 14, 10:31pm
I have finally found a lovely, soft, low carb bread recipe for the bread machine but it usually bakes very mis-shapen (high at one end and low at the other or with a big dip in the middle) and/or is really 'knotty' on top. I am assuming that this occurs during the resting and/or rising stages. Can I take the dough out and smooth it into a nice even loaf and then put it back in the breadmaker? If so, when would I do this and do I need any tips or hints when I do this? Thanks in advance.

harrislucinda, Jan 14, 10:52pm
have you tryed on dough setting shape into loaf and bake in the oven

lythande1, Jan 14, 11:06pm
Just use dough, take the dough out when done, shape it and bake it on a tray as is or in a loaf tin. I always so this, I make bread every 2 - 3 days.

samanya, Jan 15, 12:04am
This is what I do as well for regular bread, I find it a better shape for slicing that way.
After the dough cycle has finished, I give the dough a good knead. don't know why, but it seems to turn out better. (or it could be my imagination!)

valentino, Jan 15, 4:54am
Does your bread-making Machine do any beeps at times, that is a definite beep and a certain stage is reached then another beep later on for the next stage. After the first beep - you can actually look into it and check that all is mixing nicely, even give it some assistance by helping to get those dry bits into the mix, you could add any extras at this stage too. The next beep or if no further beep then listen to when it stops that mixing noise, this is the stage of resting and raising the dough then soon after another wee mixing cycle then that raising setting and then the bake. You can at the beginning of these cycles to do a quick check.
If the bread after finishing being baked is still out of shape then the machine is at fault. Hopes this Helps.


thitryfiver, Nov 1, 5:58pm
I would take dough out when kneading finished,although the dough should be in a smooth round ball shape after kneading if not, you may need to add wee bit more warm water try 1TB before kneading has finished after 5 min approx depends on flour & weather sometimes, how much water more or less is used.
I remove the blade from my Panosonic breadmaker after kneading, stand it 5-10 minutes after baking , it tips out very cleanly no gash where blade was.

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