bread flopped in my bread maker

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ali178, Jun 2, 5:42am
brevil bread maker... . . I did exactly what the instructions said... . but it did not rise at all... . . ? ? ? ? yeast has not gone off. . sure bake edmonds yeast says ideal for breadmakers...
my buns I did the other week didn't really come to much either any ideas any one. .

rainrain1, Jun 2, 5:44am
Have to laugh sorry... . . are you male or female?

nfh1, Jun 2, 5:46am
LOL - does it matter?

nfh1, Jun 2, 5:48am
I gave up with my Breadmaker, tried new flour, new yeast, warmer water, cooler water etc etc.

If you find the answer I would love to know!

rainrain1, Jun 2, 5:49am
I have a potty sense of humour, you will have to work it out for yourself or I might get voted

ali178, Jun 2, 5:51am
Well I am female not that it matters and it used to work really really well... . now it doesn't...

rainrain1, Jun 2, 5:54am
I have never owned one... . I would only eat it :-(

bullock123, Jun 2, 6:24am
Maybe you got a dud batch of yeast? I use tasti yeast and have no problems. Is the water luke warm? Do you use high grade flour?

ali178, Jun 2, 6:39am
yes i do use high grade flour... ok will get some tasti yeast and see if that works... and i did not realise i needed luke warm water never needed it before...

sossie1, Jun 2, 6:56am
from what i understand, brevile arn't the best of the bunch.

Try following these instructions from the internet php? 4, 138485

ali178, Jun 2, 8:00am
Thank you so much sossie will give there suggestions a try...

rog.e, Jun 2, 8:20am
I wonder if it is not warming up for the rising stagees.

Make a batch up to before the first rise stage, take it out to finish off by habd abd see if that makes a difference.

soden, Jun 2, 9:07am
I have just bought one and it will not preset or even go when you press start... does yours go through any of the cycles? So a dud but Breville are bringing in new ones and will replace if that is the case with yours.

cgvl, Jun 2, 10:02am
panasonic have re released their bread makers, saw a new one in 100% Electrical last week. Looked nice too.
Some bread makers put yeast in first others the water. If you followed the instructions I would try doing the first stage by hand ie using lukewarm water (the amount stated) add the sugar, a couple of Tbsp of the flour and the yeast to the water stir well. leave in a warm place until frothy. In the meantime if you have a food processor I would mix the flour, salt and butter or oil (whichever you use) to a fine breadcrumb mix.
Mix the 2 together and try in breadmaker doing dough setting only, tip out onto flour surface knead very lightly, really just to shape, the place into loaf tins or bread pan if you have one or leave as a round shape and cook.
Alternatively make up a pizza dough and see if it works, you can freeze the dough until needed
Just a couple of ideas to check if machine working properly

korbo, Jun 2, 10:03am
i am pretty sure, you have to use warm water, i always have.
if you type my name in on the left hand side, you will see another thread i posted with a bread recipe... . try that and see how you get on... . always stir/shake the yeast... . .

susan21, Jun 2, 7:25pm
Try changing your yeast. I was using Edmonds Surebake Yeast and was having the same problem. Im now using Tasti Breadmakers yeast, and havnt looked back.

rema, Jun 2, 8:32pm
I was having similiar problems, and found that after putting all ingrediants in the breadmaker, make a small well in the centre for the yeast, somewhere I read that the yeast mixing with the water straight off, does not rise as well - hope that makes sense ! ! !

ali178, Jun 2, 9:13pm
thank you all. . will go back to using the other yeast i was using just i could not find it so used edmonds... and will try with luke warm water... this time... I am doing a lot of what people say. . so am on the right track... . have only had it a few years so hope it isn't packing up... and I dont really want to have to start doing stuff by hand. . hence why i got the bread maker...

pickles7, Jun 2, 9:41pm
More often it will be the flour. I use half the amount of yeast in the recipe. I add more water if my bread maker is under strain, with different lots of flour I could add up to 3-4 Tablespoons of extra water. My yeast is out dated by two years and it is working well, keep it in the fridge, once opened.

ali178, Jun 2, 10:32pm
Well I have brought the old yeast if that doesnt work then i will go back to the expensive flour... have pams high grade flour... wonders if that is the issue... I will work it out... .

fifie, Jun 2, 11:11pm
If its any help to you i have a panasonic B/M, I use edmonds surebake yeast red top one, and high grade flour for my machine put yeast in first then dry ingredients and liquid last, secret is to have the liquid at blood heat, ie luke warm so it will activate the yeast. To hot you will kill yeast it won't work, to cold it wont get the yeast to rise. And make sure recipe has a little sugar in it to activate yeast as well. . Biggest problem i found was if you alter a recipe like adding something with moisture in it you had to cut back the liquid as it dosen't take much to make mixture sticky causing rising problems. Has you instruction book not got a problem page, usually it will give you the reasons for it not rising there. Even check your settings. Keep trying .

ali178, Jun 3, 1:07am
Well would like to say it was the yeast the red lid edmonds no good but there sachets... am watching it rise really well that is what i used last time... much better... happy now...

ali178, Jun 3, 1:30am
woo hoo YAY i have made a loaf of bread and it rose woo hoo... .

amsandlant, Jun 6, 5:57am
I have found my bread never works particularly well with either Surebake or the Tasti 'Breadmaker Yeast'. Am now using the Edmonds sachets and it is rising really well - have not changed anything else. Will stick with the sachets from now on!

wron, Jul 12, 6:08pm
I used the Edmunds brand for years too, but then had major problems with bread in my Panasonic failing to rise properly - reported my problems here so if you do a search you can read about it - I then contacted Edmunds who replied almost straight away by phone and said they replace the product and send me a container so I could return it to them for tests - however they never followed up or replaced the yeast in spite of repeated requests. I gave up in the end and switched to Tasti and have had no further problems.
Edmunds public relations dept. were very very disappointing - and this is the first time I've ever selected the unhappy red icon!