Best Bread Maker !!!???

countryart, May 9, 1:37am
What is the best on the market. I keep being advised to avoid Breville and that older models are better than the newer ones. You guys on here will know I am sure. Thank you.

helenandjohn, May 9, 1:47am
I've got a Sunbeam - I'm really happy with it

countryart, May 9, 2:02am
Hi Helen,
Thank you. Is that a recent model. Our Daughter also has a Sunbeam one which is excellent but an older model.
Thank you, Roger

nzhel, May 9, 2:27am
They were tested last year by the Consumer and they found the new models weren't near as good as older ones. Some of the problems of these newer models apparently was that they didn't distribute fruit etc properly. They didn't really reccommend any but said the Tefal was probably the best. I recently bought a Tefal and using my own usual recipes - the bread has been great.
You can read back copies of the Consumer at your local library usually.

lynbaby, May 9, 2:28am
I wouldn't buy a Sunbeam, I had one and it didn't work properly and had to take it back. Also a good friend had to take her Sunbeam back too. I bought a Breville breadmaker 5 years ago and it has never missed a beat, I would definitely recommend one!

thitryfiver, May 9, 4:07am
Panosonics are the best, & are available again, after not being made for a few years, they were consistantly voted the best by Consumer, I have had a Panosonic for 17 years, 2 different models, I use the later model every few days , I bought 2nd onefor the extra modes, but my 1st one is being used by family, it is 17 yrs old in good working order, makes perfect bread

helenfs, May 9, 4:14am
Panasonic every time. Have had one for about 20 years, on my second one now!

letitia, May 9, 4:41am
I recently go a Tefel with my FlyBuys points. I have no complaints. I've made three white loaves and a wholemeal loaf so far and they were fine. I did use an extra half teaspoon of yeast after the first time though, as I felt it could have risen a little more, but that was probably because my yeast is only a few days off its expiry date. The bread is best eaten freshly baked, but is great as toast for the next 2 days. I'm keen to try out some of the other programmes for different varieties of bread and pizza dough.

guest, Jul 9, 5:40pm
We have Brevill.It worked less then 3 years