Milk for bread maker recipe question??????????????

ali178, Sep 12, 12:32am
I want to make a dough and it says for full fat milk heated and skimmed. we do not have full fat milk ....I have powerdered whole milk and skim milk can i use either of is for breville plain white dough...I am going to make bread rolls and bread today but that is holding me back???

seniorbones, Sep 12, 12:35am
It should be fine, my recipes use the powder and I just buy whatever is the cheapest.yum..home made bread!

ali178, Sep 12, 12:36am
So i am taking it that i can use either milk and heat it up to body temp but any milk is fine ok cool will give it ago and see what happens..

harrislucinda, Mar 12, 8:05am
eitherbutdonthave toheatit