Creamy pasta

korbo, Jun 24, 7:22am
first time I have ever tried a pasta dish, at a restaurant today.
It was bacon, prawns, spinach, feticina(sp), and the most tasty white wine cheese sauce.
Absolutly enjoyed it.
Would anyone have a recipe, I wouldnt have a clue where to start.

bella95, Jun 24, 12:12pm
This sounds like it would work. It doesn't have bacon in it but it would be easy enough to fry diced bacon in the oil, lift it out, cook the rest of the recipe as written and stir the bacon back in just before the end.
I make pasta with a cream sauce quite often. Two of my favourite combos are bacon and spinach or peas, and smoked salmon and spinach or peas. I cook the bacon while l'm making the sauce but the salmon l stir through right at the end - I buy the offcuts of smoked salmon because they're so much cheaper.

korbo, Jun 26, 3:09am
bella95. perfect that is the recipe. thanks so much.

bella95, Aug 17, 6:09pm
Oh, l am pleased. I lived in Italy for 20 years, ate pasta twice a day and never tired of it so super pleased to help out a new convert.

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