Make your own Malt vinegar

pickles7, Feb 1, 10:26pm
The only thing I am doing this year is brewing another lot of MALT VINEGAR. I am done with the disgusting stuff that is sold in bottles, after I found an old bottle of my own malt vinegar in the garage. I thought it was Worcestershire sauce, what a bonus.
I will at the same time put a brew of apple cider under an air lock, to make cider vinegar at the same time.

pickles7, Feb 6, 2:04am
We are having to check up on everything these days.
The brown sugar for the vinegar I am going to make. Pac n save, brown sugar $2.69 a kg. Bin Inn, $3.90 a kg, bag your own. Just a warning at this time to check your till slips if you get one from Bin Inn, if not, ASK FOR ONE. Check to see it was TOTALED after the last sale, I was near done for $16.00 from a sale that was not totalled. I now know of two others that this has happened to. It was far better when everything was itemised on the till slip, these days ours just gives the price of each purchase, and you didn't have to ask for your till slip. We don't at the supermarkets, we get given our till slips without a fuss.

lythande1, Feb 6, 2:34am
Disgusting? It's just vinegar. Not economical to make.

samanya, Feb 6, 5:36am
That may be an issue with your Binn Inn, pickles, but I have never had a problem with my local one.
They are privately owned (franchised) & it seems to me that the problem you encountered is an issue with the owners of your local . not a blanket thing over the whole of NZ.

buzzy110, Feb 7, 3:34am
Not so localised I think. I also have to ask for my till slips from my local Binn Inn. But I also have to ask for them from other retailers, including the butcher that sells wholesale free range chicken.

buzzy110, Feb 7, 3:37am
Why is it digusting lythande? Making vinegar is a skill and pickles has every right to be proud of that skill. I wish I knew how to make the stuff. Homemade vinegar, made with the mother is a superior product imo.

samanya, Feb 7, 3:54am
So that's two Binn Inn outlets that you know of, in the NI . hardly countrywide.
I can honestly say that I have never had to ask for a receipt at any retail outlet, more like the "do you want your receipt" type stuff.

buzzy110, Feb 7, 4:03am
I'm not saying it is widespread, only that the issue is not as localised as one might think and that it is not limited to just Binn Inn. There are other stores that do it as well and who do not ask if you want your receipt. Some have to go to the trouble of figuring out how to actually get an itemised till receipt out of the machine.

In the meantime, I am very happy to have a local Binn Inn. I've never had one before and it has proved to be a boon especially as it is run by Indians who can be very helpful when it comes to information about unusual spices.

letitia, Feb 7, 4:32am
Buzzy, I think you've misread it. Lythande is asking the original poster Pickles why she said the supermarket malt vinegar was disgusting (note the question mark). I would genuinely like to know that too as I use it for making my relish, etc.

buzzy110, Feb 7, 5:04am
OK. Maybe pickles will explain it. I think she has explained it in past threads but I won't put words into her mouth.

pickles7, Feb 7, 8:09am
I will cost it out though, you may like to make some too.
I am not making malt vinegar because of cost. I can compare the flavour, and because of that I intend to make it again.

pickles7, Feb 7, 8:30am
I am pleased you ask for your till slip too. buzzy110. very wise.

buzzy110, Oct 26, 6:11pm
I have my moments.

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