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anne1955, May 28, 6:42am
Just had 23kgs of passion fruit, fejeos, lemons, persimmons brought down for me from up north so many wonderful things to make yummy. Found on Mrs Google a Persimmon Marmalade and passion fruit jelly is double yummy. I freeze shell and pulp in separate bags for space reasons. And will zest lemons then juice Prices down south for some citrus is stupid.

autumnwinds, May 28, 6:51am
They have a great "fruit ready when" calender there.

samanya, May 29, 12:42am
My thoughts too.
We treasure any type of home grown citrus, don't we?
I certainly do & I pamper mine.

autumnwinds, Jun 17, 11:51am
Citrus recipe time, so ** bump **

socram, Jun 17, 9:31pm
Must dig out my mum's old recipe for a fruit cordial. Trouble is, the sugar police would probably go bonkers. As she had to buy all her citrus, it was a genuine summer treat for us as kids.

cosimo, Jun 17, 10:48pm
Slip a note under the door. Knock on the door during summer when occupants are in, and ask permission to take their fruit come winter.

cleggyboy, Jun 19, 3:08am
I can't for the life of me know why these stupid Councils insist on planting inappropriate trees on our streets. Deciduous trees that are messy then too high so the contractors come around and cut an ugly big vee in the centre of them to clear the power lines.
Why on earth don't they plant citrus and guava trees ? I'm sure people would look after them if they knew there was rewards to be had. Just the vandals to watch for.

marcs, Jun 19, 3:45am
In todays world conserving food is not a thing and yet one day something will happen and people will not know how to forage/conserve for food. Every thing needs to be perfect and slightly blemished is rotten. The amount of food that families throw out instead of re-purposing them because it is looking a little limp. I am teaching my children to cook with what is available or what is in the cupboard. Since changing my ways we are saving so much on food. If I can make it, I don't buy it.

twinkley1, Jun 19, 4:36am
Send the down here , Otago, would put them to good use.

nauru, Jun 19, 6:52am
They make a good repellent to keep cats out of your vege and flower beds. I just chop them up and put around the plants.

kindajojo, Jun 19, 8:23am
The best cough remedy equal quantity lemon juice and honey ( manuka before the price went silly) the lemon juice cuts the mucus, disinfects and the honey coats the throat is soothing and sweet. You cant overdose , or mix with hot water for a nice drink, or cool down add ice and a sprg of mint for a summer refresher.
Lemon honey
Lemon meringue pie
Lemon pudding
Stain removal
Lemon chicken
. and the foodbaks dont want them. lemon and canned tomatoes! ,

birrah, Jun 20, 6:14am
Hi does anyone have a very old Rangitoto Cook book. I would like a pork receipe out of it, mine seems to have gone walkabout.
The recipe is in the Pork Section left hand page about 2 or 3 recipes down.
It has vegemite in the sauce, i dont think any of the others do.
Would love to have the recipe if you have it.
Thanks heaps in advance Heather

eastie3, Jun 20, 6:40am
Hi Heather, why not start a new thread with Rangitoto Cookbook in the title. It will reach more people rather than being hidden in this thread.

jia5, Jun 20, 10:18pm
Same with my limes, put them out at the gate 6 in a bag for a dollar, even tried to give them away, hopeless.

lyndunc, Jun 21, 1:06am
I'll take any lemons if anyone is coming through Ashburton!

pickles7, Jun 22, 5:34am
Kawarau has about 30 lemon trees planted for residents to help themselves from for a few lemons. A real special treat while we lived there. We here in Hastings have Olive trees that hurt your feet after the fruit falls leaving hard stones all over the footpaths.
Kawarau also has a huge herb garden you can pick from.
How many towns offer the same treats to its rate payers. Oh, and while we were there 10 years ago, we had free hot pools.

bisloy, Jul 1, 11:25am
Citrus freezes well and is easy to use - makes zesting much easier! The juice is still good too. I don't know if you can eat them like you would fresh but nice to have on hand for culinary purposes

awoftam, Jul 14, 6:17am
I sometimes wonder at all the wasted fruit that lies rotting all over the ground - on my walks at the moment there are grapefruit, limes, lemons, oranges coming on, mandarins and tangelos (I think). Many of them (most) are on the sections of beach houses - makes me think about those that may go a bit hungry or people who claim they cannot afford to buy fruit - have we lost the ability to forage?

I am not talking full on tree raiding; I have a ready supply of lemons and limes picked up from the ground in public places where they have fallen off heavily laden trees hanging over fences. The limes in particular, are spectacular.

wendalls, Jul 14, 8:16am
As I posted at the bottom of another thread, was it marmalade? people are starting to do something in some areas. The north shore has community fruit harvesting scheme. Runs on Facebook and uses neighbourly website. I have been out picking in my area and I deliver where it might be of the most use, schools and food banks if the fruit is in good condition. Lots isn't though, and gets made into fruit preserves by more volunteers.
groups have also started in other cities, i think Whangarei and Hamilton maybe?

awoftam, Jul 14, 8:22am
Was what marmalade?

The vast majority of the houses here are empty most of the year; with a population of 3500 that swells to 60000 over summer there few locals about; and not a plethora of schools or foodbanks.

twelve12, Jul 14, 8:48am
Yeah, we used to get that on Waiheke, too.
As long as the house was empty, we'd go raiding.

Especially the grapefruit.

lythande1, Jul 14, 7:44pm
I tried advertising my lemons, bugger all cared so it continues to get mowed up

cleggyboy, Jul 14, 8:12pm
Last time I was at Fruit World imported limes were $39.99 a kg and they were only golf ball size.

dibble35, Jul 14, 8:17pm
I must admit ive got lots of lemons lying on the ground waiting to be mowed over. but this time of year lemons are everywhere and no one i ask seems to want any. Also I have guava moth in some of them so dont like to offer infected fruit. My mum has heaps of citrus trees and lately every time she comes down to see me she brings buckets and buckets of mandarins, I take them to work, give them to friends. Most get eaten, but not all

awoftam, Jul 14, 8:26pm
These are the size of a mid sized lemon, and the tree is laden. I grab a couple each time I pass; super juicy. Great on pork scotch or chops with some crushed ginger and garlic as a marinade yummy.

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