Pumpkin soup

korbo, Mar 24, 7:39am
Made pumpkin soup for lunch today, went to serve and had no sourcream. I did have a pottle of Sweet Chilli dip, so spooned some on top.
Oh la la, it was so tasty.
just thought I'd share

lilyfield, Mar 24, 7:49am
sounds good, I often use sweet chilli sauce to spice up anything, seems to work for me.

fifie, Mar 24, 9:13pm
Sounds tasty to me, just made my roast pumpkin bacon soup for the freezer to had to try some, no sour cream either used Greek yoghurt mixed with dash chilli sauce, sprinkling of chives on top, was yum. Good old chilli sauce saves the day again.

motorbo, Mar 24, 10:16pm
i made sweet chilli sauce on friday, i think i need to rename it m***** ring hot sweet chilli sauce

rainrain1, Oct 11, 6:05pm
My hot ring?

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