Lambs fry and bacon, have you got a good recipe

slimgym, Aug 29, 7:19pm
got one on line but it had marmite in it. I'm sure mums recipe never had that. If you get it in a café it usually has a dark runny sauce with it, mums used to be like a thick gravy. Mum died I never ever saw a recipe book in the house.

rivercottage1, Aug 29, 7:52pm
this is how i make it.
I slice and dust liver in seasoned flour, lightly fry in oil to sear liver. remover from pan. when all seared i then put in the pan sliced onions and bacon and cook tru. Add back in the liver to the bacon and onion. pour over chicken stock , add in mixed herbs and simmer until nearly cooked. thicken gravy with corn flour cook on 5 minutes and serve with mash.

pickles7, Aug 29, 8:49pm
I cook lambs fry and bacon the same as. rivercottage. I replace the chicken stock and herbs with a can of chopped tomatoes and lots of freshly ground black pepper.

rainrain1, Aug 29, 9:14pm
I just use it's own brownings to make gravy. no onions, only bacon with the liver. into the pan still warm and barely dead:-))

valentino, Aug 29, 9:16pm
Over the years have tried a few, the past few mainly with a gravy texture but in recent times have now gone with the following recipe, it is a lot cleaner in tastes, can vary the liquid to suit and helps my glucose count.

Even others preferred this recipe too.

Lambs Fry and Bacon

500 grams lambs fry
2 tablespoons oil1 Medium Onion Diced
5 to 6 strips bacon, cut into bite size pieces
Sea salt
1-2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
2-3 tablespoons tomato paste and ½ cup water or stock mixed together

Soaking the Liver.
I always soak the liver in milk before cooking it. Place the liver in a glass bowl and pour milk over it – just enough to cover then cover the bowl with something and put it into the fridge.
Do this either the night before (in which case you can soak the liver if frozen and it will gradually defrost) or on the morning of the day cooking it provided the liver is already defrosted. You can use freshly purchased liver not frozen.

To Cook.
Heat oil in a large fry pan.
Add onions and saute for about 5 minutes then add the bacon.
Saute for a further 10 – 15 minutes, until the onions are soft and starting to caramelize.
Meanwhile, remove the liver from the milk (throw away the milk) and pat dry with paper towels.
Cut liver into bite-size strips no more than about ½ inch thick.
Push the onions/bacon to one side of the pan, in the remaining centre area of pan directly over heat and add more oil if required add the liver pieces (in batches if necessary).
Sprinkle with salt and pepper and sear for 1-2 minutes each side of liver.
Once the liver pieces have browned, mix them with the onion/bacon.
Add a couple of shakes of Worcestershire sauce and the tomato sauce mixture and mix all together.
Adjust salt and pepper to taste.

Note: Can use a nice red wine instead of stock/water.


kiwitrish, Aug 30, 12:25am
I do the same as rivercottage but soak the liver in milk for a few hours before cooking. I don't know why but my mum always did it so I just copied her.

petal1955, Aug 30, 6:10am
LIver is never tough if its NOT overcooked. soaking in milk IMHO isnt required.Use a. hot pan. hot oil. and thin slices if its in the pan more than 30 SECONDS its overcooked. keep warm in oven till bacon gravy and caramalised onions are ready then toss back into that mixture and serve

harrislucinda, Aug 30, 6:40am
seems i do it this way even having it by myself hubby dont eat offal

slimgym, Aug 30, 5:07pm
thanks for this

how much chicken stock?

rivercottage1, Aug 30, 10:36pm
slimgym. i just use enough to make up enough gravy, probably 3 or 4 cups. Let me know how it goes. enjoy.

jan2242, Aug 30, 10:59pm
It has to have fried onion. I dredge the liver in besan flour (don't use wheat), and do the normal. But I do add lots of parsley and sometimes thyme and I do add a small amount of cream at the end.

buzzy110, Aug 30, 11:20pm
Your mum did the same as my mother. She was so good at it I used to believe her when she said it was 'braised steak'. It was so delicious. I've never been able to reproduce what she did. It never had onions, just liver/steak and a rich, almost black sauce. And definitely no marmite/soy/ketchup sauces. I can't say yea or nay when it comes to the use of Worcestershire sauce but on balance, probably not. My mother was not that fancy. But it does sound like a nice addition. She probably 'blackened' flour to make a roux style sauce.

ritebuy, Aug 31, 12:52am
i do what pickes does But I brown the onions first before adding the liver also add tin tomatoes Lots of nice thick gravy this way

cnmnw, Sep 2, 12:05am
I do a bit different again. Cut thin slices of meat, lay the meat nice side up on the board and slice horizontally the slices, avoiding all the tuby bits.
Dust in flour.
Chop onion and dice bacon. Heat oil, fry the meat quickly to brown only, lay in casserole dish. Stirfry the bacon add onion, cook about halfway through. Add to meat in casserole dish. Make a thick gravy in the same pan, I usually use some Bisto gravy mix and flour. When it looks and smells delish add to casserole. Stir gently to combine. Heat gently in oven for abt 20 mins. Yummo!

fifie, Sep 2, 12:24am
Caramilised onions, liver, kidneys, and bacon piled onto toast yum, for a change.

punkinthefirst, Sep 2, 4:46am
Since I moved to town, I won't eat it. the stuff at the butchers' has a metallic taste.
Liver ought to be still warm from its previous "owner" (sorry to the squeamish). Remove the thin skin on the outside, slice it thinly, removing all the blood vessels (tubes) . Cook your bacon and onions the way you like them, then dredge the liver in seasoned flour and cook very quickly in a fairly hot pan until just pink and still juicy. Keep warm while you quickly make gravy, using the pan juices, and serve as soon as possible.

schnauzer11, Sep 2, 7:21am
I don't like sauce with lamb's fry. I slice and flour it, caramelise each side. Grate some orange-zest onto it, then squeeze the orange-juice into the pan. Cook on low heat until the moisture is nearly gone. Salt+pepper. Delicious!

beaker59, Sep 5, 6:33am
Fresh is best as in straight out of the animal mmmmmmmmm eat it same day you won't believe how much better it is :)

Lambs fry cooked rare like a steak = bliss.

meetee, Sep 5, 8:30am
I make it the way my mother did - sear thinly sliced lamb's fry (coated in flour), add sliced onions and bacon then add water and seasonings plus a tablespoon of golden syrup. It has a lovely sweet and sour flavour.

petal1955, Sep 5, 10:14pm
Not had it straight out of the animal. but can imagine it would taste very good.

rainrain1, Dec 29, 12:43pm
I like mine with no blood . the last liver and kidneys were tossed down the offal hole, I could have cried, they didn't think I'd want it. craving for liver and bacon now actually.