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lillol, Mar 22, 9:22pm
Do any of you oldies (older then 50) remember this. I'm sure my mother used to give us some kind of fish paste sandwiches or crackers when we were little but I can't remember what it was called. Sounds gross but it was quite nice?

articferrit, Mar 22, 9:38pm
My kids gave us some for christmas as a joke, it closely resembled cat food.

lillol, Mar 22, 9:55pm
What was it called, because I can't for the lift of me remember? It does look gross but it's actually quite nice.

nala2, Mar 22, 9:58pm
I think it was "Salisbury" (sp) in a almost miniature coke bottle shaped bottle.
I see a meat version is available in NZ but the original was English I thought.

pickles7, Mar 22, 10:03pm
Yes, you got the name of it. We loved it as kids.

strowan1, Mar 22, 10:05pm
I do remember this stuff, wasn’t there one variety called ‘Smoked Fish’? That one was quite tasty, but palettes were way less sophisticated than today, and much less on shelves to chose from. Mum used to put it occasionally in our school lunches. Something in the back of my mind thinks it may have been a British import? In hindsight I wonder if it did actually contain any fish!

davidt4, Mar 22, 10:23pm
I remember the little glass jars and the smell. Freshly made fish paste sandwiches were bearable when they had a lot of butter, but after several hours in a school lunch box they were disgusting.

rainrain1, Mar 22, 10:31pm
We only ever had the ham paste one. which you can still buy. I like it a whole lot, and must buy some more.

flier3, Mar 22, 10:35pm
Oh, I remember that fish paste from back in the day! It used to be such a treat and I loved it on thickly buttered white bread. haha - could get only white or brown bread in those days.

cgvl, Mar 22, 10:43pm
you can still buy it: shrimp, cracked pepper and ham one I think are the varieties I have seen in the supermarket. We used to get it as was a relatively cheap option for sandwiches. I like the shrimp flavoured one but OH can't stand the smell so its a sometimes treat here.

lillol, Mar 22, 10:46pm
How cool. I'm not the only one. I'm now going to look for it in the supermarket!

mutley83, Mar 22, 11:44pm
There is still one called Peck's Paste I think - has couple of different varieties. Should be near the vegemite section or there abouts

standard, Mar 22, 11:57pm
I have one in the fridge now, Salisbury ham and chicken flavoured spread. Brought from Countdown a month ago, Packed in Henderson Auckland.

jonnythecat, Mar 23, 12:04am
I buy the shrimp flavour occasionally as a treat for me, had it as a child too. Has to be on very fresh bread or hot buttered toast. Salisbury brand.

nelliebelle, Mar 23, 12:20am
I remember the Salisbury paste, but not with any fondness.
It would be on my list of "Most Hated Food From My Childhood" along with sago pudding, tripe, and combined mash of carrots and parsnips,

articferrit, Mar 23, 12:34am
Ha, carrot and parsnip mashed is called 'marble' and is banned in our house, along with the fish paste.

letitia, Mar 23, 12:42am
I noticed Salisbury paste in glass jars at New World yesterday. When I saw it, it brought back memories of having the ham & chicken flavour in my school lunch sandwiches regularly. Hated the fish paste though.

car27, Mar 23, 2:37am
we used to use the glass jars as glasses

gardner12, Mar 23, 3:25am
yep salisbury paste you can still buy it in the supermarket cause I bought some about 2 weeks ago

rainrain1, Mar 23, 3:54am
Booze cruising with a paste jar to pass round haha

pollypanner, Mar 25, 12:09am
Pecks, just love this fish paste wether on crackers on bread, yummy

wasgonna, Mar 25, 2:04am
I still use it after about 55 yrs. Ham and chicken spread on toast. Hated the fish ones. Like everything the quality is not as great nowadays and can be quite sloppy. I stick it in fridge to firm up before using.

cottagerose, Mar 25, 2:26am
I buy the salsbury ham and chicken occasionally at pakn save

cleggyboy, Mar 25, 2:35am
Go posh and buy pate.

janbodean, Mar 25, 4:34am
You can still buy fish paste, got some salmon and shrimp from New World last week.

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