Chocolate Potato Spread - anyone tried?

jessie981, Mar 25, 12:51am
Aunt Daisy recipe
2TBSPs mashed potato
1TBSP cocoa
1TBSP sugar
Vanilla essence
Mash potato & mix in remainder of ingredients.
Another unusual (sounds more appealing)
Creamy spread for piklets
Slightly warm golden syrup, beat in a little butter till it makes a creamy spread. Goes a long way & saves butter.

dibble35, Mar 25, 12:53am
that sounds so bizzare i might have to try it.

tramore, Mar 25, 12:57am
We are Irish and the only way my mum could get my brother to eat mashed potato when we were young was to add sugar to it!He no longer eats them like this.I guess adding chocolate as well would be nice as a spread on toast or bread.!

jessie981, Mar 25, 12:57am
Guess it would be ok if you ran out of icing sugar.

ruby2shoes, Mar 25, 1:01am
gosh, that sounds revolting.On My Kitchen Rules las time, the Italian girls made potato deep fried donuts, covered with sugar and cinammon I think, and they won that challenge.Also sounding bizaare!

sarahb5, Mar 25, 4:21am
Sounds like something they would have invented during the war .

makespacenow, Mar 25, 4:54am
we didnt have nutella where i grew up.had sort of fake version grandma used prunes/plums and cocoa to dig out that recipe.

4meows, Mar 25, 5:41am

dbab, Mar 25, 6:22am
I subscribe to a knitting Forum and this recipe was on it this morning.

Mashed Potato Easter Eggs
1/4lb butter(that would be 125gms)
2 Tblsps powdered sugar(that would be icing sugar)
1/2 cup mashed potato
1tsp vanilla
Mix all ingredients and shape. Chill for 1 hour.Dip into melted chocolate chips.
I might give it a go as it's not a lot of ingredients if it all goes wrong.

winnie231, Mar 25, 6:44am
The potatoes are simply another form of starch. Left unsalted, they don't have a strong flavour themselves so would take on the sweet chocolate flavour well. No reason why these 2 recipes would be revolting at all!
More people need to think outside the square sometimes :)

mothergoose_nz, Mar 25, 6:57am
american recipe for candy. take a tablespoon of mashed potatoe and stir in icing will be surprised how much icing sugar this uses.then you can add coconut and make coconut ice.cocoa and make fudge.americans add peanut is candy. whatever flavour you put in at the end.

schnauzer11, Mar 26, 7:57am
Aunt Daisy sometimes took war-time stringency a little too far!

uli, Mar 26, 8:37am
Bump for post#9 - Easter is coming!

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