SI cheese spread recipes?

52many, Sep 6, 5:48am
So once you have made the cheese spread famous in the SI, what sandwich ideas do you use. The recipe with the evaporated milk etc? Thanks.

kay141, Sep 6, 7:17am
Only ever used it to make the good cheese rolls.

gardie, Sep 6, 7:24am
I've never used evaporated milk - only water and they are very yummy and of course, much cheaper.

dolphin9, Sep 6, 7:30am
Wow that was weird, just came on here to start a thread asking for the south island cheese roll recipe and find this, the first thread listed!So does anyone have a recipe for me, had some recently, were yum!!! tasted mustard, onion? Thanks

kay141, Sep 6, 7:34am
Have just bumped a couple of threads for you.

52many, Mar 2, 5:43am
This is the one I have.....
500gr grated cheese, use whatever
1 tin Nestle Evaporated milk
1 pkt Maggi Onion Soup
1 onion finely chopped
1 teaspn mustard powder
1/4 cup cream

Heat in microwave for 6 mins - stirring 3 times

Use as needed or grill after spreading onto bread and folding.