Toaster Oven

kevthehunter, Aug 9, 12:37am
Does anyone here use on of these everyday for cooking? I live alone and thinking this would be a cheaper way for me to cook.

lilyfield, Aug 9, 2:27am
Absolutely, combined with a microwave i never use the stovetop or oven anymore.

buzzy110, Aug 9, 2:53am
I use my Easy Cook convection cooker (a different type of bench oven) all the time. I rarely use my oven. Bread, very slow cooking of lamb shoulder (6 hours +), slow baking of my macadamia nuts so the shells are brittle enough to crack easily and the occasional baking (because I'm not willing to try cooking in my Easy Cook though I believe it is fine for baking) are just about the only things I use my oven for these days.

I was looking at a bench top oven with a rotisserie in it the other day and thinking how far they have come over the years.

barbiedoll, Aug 9, 3:30am
Mine is over 30yrs old and use daily. Never use my big oven but do use my stove top.

kaddiew, Aug 9, 3:43am
I have a cheap ($60 on special) Russell Hobbs toaster oven that I too use almost daily. Wouldn't be without one now. You just need to get used to them heating up very quickly and - at least with mine - requiring a lower heat and shorter cooking time for many foods.

hound31, Aug 9, 4:16am
I have a Breville Toast n Roast, bought from Briscoes (they had a sale lol) about five years ago. I think it was about $150. I use it just about every day and wouldn't be without it. Really only use the big oven for the elements and making casseroles (don't like crockpots).
ETA agree with the quicker heating up time, you have to get used to that.

eljayv, Aug 9, 4:39am
I had one years ago and loved it but the interior was difficult to clean. Would like another.

nauru, Aug 9, 4:48am
There are only the two of us these days so I use mine almost every day, alongside my MW. I bake (bread included), roast and cook casseroles in it and never use my big oven or stove top unless we have a big family get together when more space is needed. Even then the bench oven gets used. I wouldn't be without it and noticed straight away the drop in our power bill over using the main stove so it has more than paid for itself.

dibble35, Aug 9, 6:58am
We've got one in our staff room at work, gets used everyday and its great. As others have said it heats and cooks things so quickly, 2-3 times faster than a regular oven i reckon.

kevthehunter, Aug 9, 10:51am
Thank you all so much I will look at getting one. Grandson will like it for cooking his chicken nuggets. But for me i only want to cook 2 chicken legs and a bit of pumpkin so it sounds just what I need.

grouch, Aug 9, 7:02pm
It's would be perfect. I use mine daily as well. Heats up so much faster than the big oven but must admit if I am baking which is not often, I still revert to the main oven.

jan2242, Aug 10, 12:17am
Use mine all the time as the main oven doesn't work and can't afford repair. My one is Sunbeam that dos rotisserie and is fanbake. It takes a reasonable sized chicken which is good enough for me. Unless I get a big roast I can't see the need to fix my big oven now.

lythande1, Aug 10, 12:56am
A typical electric oven runs on 2,500 to 5,000 watts (depending on the model, age and mode it's in) and set to 350° uses an average 2 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy for 60 minutes of cooking time. A 1,200-watt toaster oven set to 450° for 50 minutes uses only 0.9 kWh.

Guess it makes sense if only 1 or 2 of you.
Wouldn't work in this house sadly.

kevthehunter, Aug 10, 1:10am
thanks lythande1 I will look into getting one. Seems like a plan. With the cost of power, you have got to save where you can

barbiedoll, Aug 10, 1:20am
I was going to buy a new one for my new kitchen but mine has a removable lining so easy to clean. My friend has one from Briscoes with 'Toast and Pizza' (I think) on the glass door. Looks good.

cleggyboy, Aug 10, 1:32am
I have a Kambrook a it is great for 1 or 2 people. Never have the big oven on these days.

jallen2, Aug 10, 1:46am
Between the bench top oven and the bbq - I haven't used a large oven in about 10 years.

wheelz, Jan 8, 6:41am
Was good to catch this thread, have been trying for awhile to decide on which bench top oven, as I have a new Bosch 90 cm freestanding monstrosity in my poky kitchen, and only two of us at home. wish I had never purchased it. its a dream to use . but oh sooo big!
Anyways, purchased a Breville Smart Oven Pro tonight. After working late, am yet to unpack it.
I'm scared to tell hubby I now want a 60 cm freestanding in place of the Bosch.

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