Condensed milk - quick caramel tart

mahairy, May 12, 12:24am
It has been years since i made one of these and forget how to do it... do you boil the tins for 2 hours? 4 hours? Will 2 tins do for a large size flan shell? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

k_ross, May 12, 12:35am
I boil the tin for three hours. Not sure how many tins you'd need... I use one for a medium sized cake pan for banoffee pie.

245sam, May 12, 12:42am
mahairy, I agree with k_ross re the 3 hours BUT be sure to keep the can(s) covered with boiling water at ALL times and do not attempt to open the cans until they have cooled.
IMO you'd probably be ok with 2 cans for a large size flan shell (depending of course on how "large" the shell actually is) but if in doubt, whilst you're caramelising 2 cans why not do 3 if you have them? - the unopened can(s) of caramelised milk can be kept in your pantry just as you would have kept them if not caramelised... . . and if you don't need all that you caramelise this time then you'll be a step ahead for another time or for a quick banoffee pie or some other sweet treat. :-))

mahairy, May 12, 1:21am
Thank you very much, both of you. Much appreciated. I am"Fat Fairy" at work this Friday morning and with 50 hungry mouths to feed, I am going with some 'quickies' as well as some more detailed treats.

davewendy, Apr 22, 3:59am
Hi #1 - Can't you use the caramel flavour condensed milk?
Am pretty sure it's still available and means you don't have to boil plain condensed milk to get it caramelly!

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