Advice from cake bakers please

blondinie, Oct 24, 7:19am
Hi, i'm making a chocolate birthday cake, and I would usually put whipped cream in the layers, and cover it with chocolate butter cream, then fondant
The whipped cream can be a bit soft in the layers, so sometimes I put butter cream in the layers instead.
This works well, except the cake ends up being quite sickly sweet with all that butter cream in the layers, and all over it as well.
So I thought perhaps trying a chocolate ganache? Can you put ganache in between the layers,or would it set to hard?, and could I cover the cake in it to? and then cover with fondant? Thanks

madj, Oct 24, 7:41am
Yes you can put a ganache in between the layers, the recipe I use stays soft. Would also be fine to cover the cake with it, am not a fan of fondant as it doesn't taste very nice so personally I would just leave it at that, but you can put fondant over it as well.

blondinie, Oct 24, 7:50am
thank you madj, would the 1 batch of ganache be o.k to use for both the layers and for covering the cake, before I put fondant over it? O r would it be to soft for under fondant? thanks

madj, Oct 24, 7:56am
Yes, you can let it set a bit more for the centre and then soften it again for the outside, just need to reheat it again if it is too thick. I usually can do the sides and the top with the same consistency.

blondinie, Oct 24, 8:51am
thanks !

glasshalfull, Oct 24, 8:57am
I'm not a fan of fondant, it is sickly sweet. I'd rather have the ganache alone. So much nicer.

marcs, Oct 24, 12:34pm
The ganache would be nice. You can actually let the ganache set at room temp and then whip it in a mixer. You will end up with a really light ganache rather than a heavy ganache. This way the cake won't be heavy. Have you also though about a mousse filling of some description? A vanilla mouse with some berries layered in it, chocolate mousse or strawberry mousse? Doesn't need to be home made mousse. Can be a nice packet mix.

myriffy, Oct 24, 5:24pm
When I use ganache between cake layers I put blue berries on top of the ganache to balance the sweetness of the ganache

blondinie, Oct 24, 11:58pm
thank you for all the suggestions. Its for a child's birthday cake, and will be covered in fondant. I might try whipping the ganache a bit, that sounds nice

marcs, Oct 25, 9:09am
You want the ganach to be just set but not hard. Like really soft butter. Beat until fluffy but do not over beat as it can split. It only takes a minute or two.

blondinie, Oct 25, 9:45am
thank you marcs

valentino, Dec 11, 6:53am
Hmmm, this is really outside the square but a possibility all the same. and thinking further.

The filling that is in the Kingston Biscuits/Cookies.

¼ cup cream
40 grams butter
200 grams cooking choc

Bring cream to the boil, remove from the heat, add butter & chocolate and stir & mix until all is smooth.

And to make it a little bit softer is adding a wee bit more cream.
Also to get a bit more fluffier, beat an egg white and then add it into the mixture smoothly.

Proportion of ingredients to volume you require should work quite good in a cake.

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