snapperheadrkp, Oct 30, 2:37am
Just cooked a 1.4 kg Hellaby Vac Pak Corned Beef (was the biggest bit I could find at New World) Washed all the slimy jelly off it, covered it with water and added normal spices etc.
Simmered for 1 hour then turned off and cooled results in the cooking fluid, then weighed on my electronic scales (ex car paint mixing scales so extremely accurate).
RESULT 605 gms of wet meat left.

valentino, Oct 30, 3:04am
Feel those packs first before you buy, they are full of liquid, LOL.

Actually New World do their own Corned Silverside and is quite nice and far better value.

Otherwise, buy from a good butcher.


jan2242, Oct 30, 10:09pm
Don't they inject the corning solution into the meat? If so, it will come out in the cooking. Cooked meat, fish etc, is never the same weight as raw.

fruitbat, Oct 30, 10:15pm
Eat fresh.

valentino, Oct 31, 12:45am
Eat Raw. !

kirmag, Oct 31, 2:36am
Don't eat corned beef. !

petal1955, Oct 31, 6:07am
Cook in the crock pot. doesnt loose weight

ffloss, Dec 8, 6:04pm
I also cook it in the crockpot. Just falls apart.

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