Smoked drycured bacon

glynsmum, Aug 13, 10:31pm
anyone know where out of the big supermarkets can I buy some? fed up with wet tastless stuff,thanks.

davidt4, Aug 13, 10:43pm
Henderson's Dry Cured streaky bacon .

lythande1, Aug 13, 11:41pm
Stop frying it.
Stop buying shoulder bacon.
Buy streaky and grill it.
Crispy and gorgeous every time.
Have to say I mainly buy the smoked or manuka streaky.
But you don't need overpriced bacon.

glynsmum, Aug 14, 3:46am
thanks I usually buy middle get both then but seems full of water never heard of Hendersons can I buy it up the top here?

accroul, Jan 6, 2:18am
I buy Henderson's also. I can get mine from Countdown.

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