Colouring whipped cream?

kenny92, Aug 13, 7:01am
Never done this before but I dont have much time so wondered if I could add a drop of food colouring to whipped cream to cover a pavalova. I just want a very soft pastel shade for a little girls birthday! Thanks.

rainrain1, Aug 13, 7:09am
For sure you can

autumnwinds, Aug 13, 12:57pm
Gel colouring (such as Queen - from supermarket - or Wilton) is best as it doesn't "water down" the cream as much.

Mix a little cream with the colour to "loosen" it up a bit, then fold into the rest of the cream.

peterd11, Aug 14, 5:22am
Rangiora Bakery has a great selection of gel colours which would do this.

kenny92, Aug 14, 9:51am
Thanks all :)

punkinthefirst, Aug 14, 10:04am
Any food colouring can be used. If you want a pale pastel, mix some colouring with a little cream, and add small amounts of the mixture to your whipped cream, until you get the right colour.

kiwigoldie, Jan 4, 11:18pm
I colour whipped cream all the time. just use the cheapie hansells liquid ones. pour a drizzle in the cream before you start whipping.

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