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kaddiew, Oct 5, 9:59am
A new series starts next Tuesday on Prime. It's no doubt a year or two behind, and some will have seen it already, but it will be new to those (like myself) who can only watch on Freeview.

morticia, Oct 5, 10:27am
If it has Sandi and Noel as hosts, it's the new one and they were up to episode 6 which we just finished watching online on Channel4.

kaddiew, Oct 5, 8:03pm
Not sure what you mean. Channel 4 is Bravo on my Freeview.

I only caught a glimpse of a promo on Prime, so no idea if it's new hosts, but don't think Prime has shown all the series pre that change, yet.

morticia, Oct 5, 8:05pm
Online means not Freeview, in this case it's UK Live TV and Channel 4 because that's who screens it there. The new season has Sandi and Noel as the new hosts, so when that one comes up, you'll be in the new series as of September 2017. I seldom watch Freeview here so have no idea what the promo looked like.

strowan1, Oct 5, 8:18pm
Great news, rather hoping it’s the ‘old’ GBBO, a real fan of Mary Berry - think she’s pretty special. But enjoy Prue Leith as well, so whichever lineup it’s eagerly awaited here!

morticia, Oct 5, 9:10pm
lol I never got into it until now, and now I'm hooked.

kaddiew, Oct 6, 2:34am
I'm hoping it's the old one too! Love Mary Berry, and all the crew - why fix what wasn't broken?

lofty010247, Oct 7, 1:24am
didnt think it was being shown here so have been following it on utube . still cant make my mind up re new hosts - Mrs L

nickyd, Oct 8, 12:50am
The "new series" that starts here on Prime on Tues night is being advertised as the last series with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood at the helm.

wasgonna, Oct 8, 1:02am
From what I remember the BBC lost the series to Channel 4 (I think) and Paul Hollywood jumped ship and went to the new producers.

The BBC were/are going to produce a new cooking series along the same lines as the old one with the remaining hosts and judge.

kaddiew, Oct 10, 8:00pm
Was glad to see that it 's the 2016 series on atm, with all the old crew. Haven't made a lemon drizzle cake for a while, and now tempted to by some of last night's creations

lythande1, Oct 10, 10:35pm
He went with the show. The others didn't like the change of channel and did not.

Mary Berry has her own cooking show, I am watching some of them now, on Food Channel.

buzzy110, Oct 10, 11:13pm
I've seen the line up for the new show. I'm afraid that neither of the two 'light relief' presenters resonate with me. One takes every opportunity to remind everyone of her sexual orientation and the other is an odd choice. The proof will be in the pudding I suppose.

morticia, Oct 11, 12:42am
I'm only watching it for Noel and Sandi. Prue is good and Paul is the same as ever. Mary Berry never interested me.

morticia, Oct 11, 12:43am
And the previous lesbian/comedian-actress duo was any different?

I'm only watching it for Noel and Sandi. Prue is good and Paul is the same as ever. Mary Berry never interested me.

buzzy110, Oct 11, 1:28am
Has Sue Perkins made it a central issue for every TV appearance she has made? I hadn't noticed.

morticia, Oct 11, 1:35am
I've watched 6 of the new series so far and haven't noticed Sandi say much at all but I think someone else did? Maybe no-one here noticed it because we weren't looking for something to poke holes at and it's not important?

buzzy110, Oct 11, 1:48am
Sigh. I did say that the proof was in the pudding. I enjoy the original show and I'll give the new one a chance in spite of my reservations about the new presenters. I am not looking for something to poke holes at so why poke holes at what I say?

kaddiew, Oct 11, 2:12am
Can we please stick to what this thread is meant to be about? ie the 2016 series currently showing on Prime with all the old crew.

slimgym, Oct 11, 4:05pm
thank you it was starting to get confusing

buzzy110, Oct 11, 8:10pm
Yes. I like the Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood combination so I am pleased that the series currently screening on Free-to-Air is a BBC production still. Those two presenters have grown comfortable together which has given rise to good natured bantering between the pair.

battgirl, Oct 11, 8:34pm
I hadn't noticed either, but while one the [tangential] subject of the fantabulous Sue Perkins, has everyone seen the Supersizers series? Best food/history/comedy series bar none - just wish they'd made more!

kaddiew, Oct 12, 1:49am
I agree.

unknowndisorder, Oct 12, 5:54am
Bummed missed this week's one as the recorder had a hissy fit and stopped recording. (I remember thinking it should be recording but figured I had the time wrong lol)

kaddiew, Oct 12, 7:29am
It was cake week starting with their interpretations of a good old lemon drizzle, ending with a mirror glaze creation.

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