L & P used in cream

chip1914, Aug 2, 12:29am
Has anyone got the recipe to make the whipped cream that has L & P in it, please

buzzy110, Aug 2, 2:30am
I really don't think that is possible. Water and fat just do not mix and it would definitely stop the fat in the cream from holding air and whipping. Maybe, if you have tried it, it was made with an L&P syrup. Does soda stream or some other manufacturer make L&P flavoured syrup?

Anyway I could be wrong and someone will be only to happy to jump in here and let me know just how wrong I am.

lythande1, Aug 2, 2:57am
Seriously? Why?

chip1914, Aug 2, 6:10am
lol found out from a friend that it is the l & p chocolate you use, and as far as why? why not?

245sam, Jan 11, 9:08pm
chip1914, so are you wanting to make Ganache? If so this is the Ganache I have used, but with plain chocolate not the L&P Chocolate.

Melt 125g dark chocolate with ½ cup cream together in the microwave for 1 minute. Stir to combine, cool a little and then pour over the cake and smooth out. :-))

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