Pumpkin soup

mum2001, Mar 19, 6:36am
Hi all I have 7 big butternut pumpkins. What's your go to recipe please

lilyfield, Mar 19, 7:39am
PumpkIn,chickenstock garlic, cream or joghirt at serving. That's it. Oh, and I never peel them.

marcs, Mar 19, 8:10am
I roast my pumpkin with a sprinkle of salt. It makes the soup much nicer. You can freeze them roasted and make soup over winter if you have the space in your freezer. They do keep in a well in aired dry place for a long time. I soften some onion, then add roasted pumpkin, chicken stock and cumin (I prefer seeds roasted in a pan and ground but preground cumin is nice too). I also add a potato (chopped) or two depending on size as this gives is a nice roundness to it. Once the potato is soft, I blitz then add a little sour cream or cream cheese and a little cream but preference is yours as to what you like to add. Can also add a little coconut cream if looking for a different flavour. Don't forget to season with salt and pepper.

mum2001, Mar 19, 9:26am
How would I go making it in the crockpot
I've search Pinterest the world wide web

crazynana, Mar 19, 11:43pm
Chop up a couple of onions, couple of cloves garlic, about 1 kg pumpkin and put in a large pot with 2 cups water , 2tsp each of sugar, chicken stock, green herb stock, and 1/4-1/2 tsp nutmeg. Simmer till tender then blitz in food processor or with a stick mixer till desired texture. Add enough milk to get desired thickness. If you are freezing it or not using it all at once add milk at serving.

fifie, Oct 13, 3:59pm
My winter soup, cut whole big grey pumpkin into chunks skin on,( easy way is zap 12-15 mins, watch its now hot lift onto a chopping board is now easy to cut and deseed ) 3 onions peeled cut into chunks, 2-3 whole bulbs garlic, skin on. Drizzle with oil s/p roast till tender. let cool. pan fry 6 rashers bacon till crisp, drain on paper towel.
When cool skin pumpkin, squeeze garlic out of skin, add to food processor with onions bacon, and chicken stock . Whizz in batches put all into a large pot. Add teaspoon curry powder, use stick blender whizz adding more chicken stock if need be till you get the thickness you like, season add more curry powder if you want, till you get taste you like put into containers and freeze.

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