A quick question please

jude2, Jan 3, 3:53am
will bananas go brown in a jelly ? Thanks in advance

petal1955, Jan 3, 4:09am
Run a peeled banana under cold water for 20 mins. This stops it from going brown. sqeezing lemon juice on it will stop the jelly from setting.

holly-rocks, Jan 4, 11:06pm
Eeek what a waste of water! o.O

kiwitrish, Jan 5, 12:09am
I put some in a trifle with the jelly and they went brown.

harrislucinda, Jan 5, 3:26am
can squeeze lemon juice over first

suziebee, Jan 5, 5:03am
Soak bananas in milk

duckmoon, Jan 5, 5:13am
If the jelly covers the bananas, they wouldn't go brown. if laid on top of set jelly, they will

jude2, Nov 7, 11:08am
Thanks for answers ended up using grapes, made a variety of small desserts as i had two little ones and they love to taste everything

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