Allison Holst's Golden Christmas Cake

autumnwinds, Oct 13, 10:36am
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moparpete, Oct 19, 8:55pm
This one made with white wine. Anyone had made this one ? Can someone please tell me how many days ahead of Christmas can you bake this one,worried as this doesn't had any liquer in it but would like to serve it on Christmas day. Also can you do a last minute royal icing on it Thanks.

fifie, Oct 19, 11:01pm
Haven't made this one, Alison says on tv nz this cake best left a week before eaten. I know the ones made with orange juice don't keep as long, one's made with brandy soaked fruit a lot make them this weekend
If you use royal icing, I'd put almond paste on first, dry overnight and then put royal icing on, leave to harden at least overnight before cutting. If you want a iced snow look, brandy butter cream will give you the same effect.

moparpete, Oct 19, 11:18pm
Thanks fifie ,I am going to make the small christmas cake recipe you gave me on the other thread and this one for the Christmas day. The brandy butter icing sounds goods. You don't need to put almond icing first then the brandy butter on top do you?

245sam, Oct 19, 11:35pm
moparpete, I always use almond icing under the brandy butter icing and ice the cake's top and sides. I have even had a piece leftover a year later - taste-wise as good as but where I had missed covering a little piece of the cake's side with almond icing, the brandy butter icing was discoloured. My now elderly Mum for many many years also used the brandy butter icing and she also always used the almond icing.

The Brandy Butter Icing is so easy but just a few words of advice - don't attempt to ice the cake on a very warm/hot day or evening and once iced, keep the cake cool (no need to refrigerate though). The icing softens quite readily although I have never had it go really 'runny'.

Hope that helps. :-))

griffo4, Dec 16, 12:51pm
l have made it many times and l soak the fruit in white wine in a plastic ziplock bag on the bench for 3 to 4 days turning it regularly until wine soaked in then make it up from there
You can also store it in the freezer
I use dried apple if l cannot get the melon
It is a very nice cake