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mss2006, May 7, 8:28am
Im intending to cook a full Roast Pork meal for a family but one of them is vegetarian. The person will eat all the meal except the pork of course. What meaty textured product could I serve in place of the pork? She is 15 and a bit (very) fussy so keeping it simple would be best.

Thanks in advance!

uli, May 7, 8:37am
Do not try to make a vegetarian "pork" dish.
Just let them have your veges, salads etc. Not difficult at all - in case you do HAVE veges, salads etc.

mss2006, May 7, 8:42am
Im not going to try and "simulate" a pork dish. Just looking for ideas for meaty textured non meat products. Roasted field mushrooms as and example. Thank you for your help :)

blands70, May 7, 9:38am
Not sure why you need something meaty textured?

Also make sure you don't cook the veges in the same dish as the meat.

mss2006, May 7, 11:55am
The reason is I wish to help expand this person's range of culinary experiences to new products unfamiliar to her but enjoyable. I hope to expose her to new non meat product that are available nowadays. I'm no expert in this area hence my request for advice.

supadeal, May 7, 1:02pm
Have a look in the freezer section at the supermarket for the "Linda McCartney" vegetarian range of products.
I'm a vegetarian and I occasionally buy these .

(Prior to her death, Linda was Sir Paul McCartney's wife.)

white_elephant, May 7, 6:35pm
Our family vegertarians and non like Frys (fake) Lamb Strips, they come in a green packet at the frozen goods area of the super market. They are quite bland which suits some people but are easily dressed up with a hot sauce. Great in stir frys too.

ruby2shoes, May 7, 9:28pm
Alison & Simon Holst have vegetarian recipes. carrot and mushroom loaf springs to mind. It's delish! or the lentil sauce that can be used for lasanga or filling of those cannelloni tubes.

jan2242, May 7, 10:10pm
Pork is pork. I would do mushrooms as they are 'meaty' and full of flavour. I often have them instead of meat as it is so costly.

samanya, May 8, 12:23am
I often have stuffed mushrooms too. I usually use the large flats.
something similar to this
You can vary to filling to taste . it's not like pork, but a good tasty substitute for meat.

frances1266, May 8, 12:50am
Fry's crumbed schnitzels are really nice and liked by most. Probably more like chicken in taste.

buzzy110, May 8, 1:28am
I used to make curried tempeh. It used to be sold in the self-service Deli fridge at New World. I don't know if it still is.

I know it is a bother but unless you do what others used to do to me and just serve up vegetables (please don't get all exotic and add bacon bits either - not cool) which left me bereft of a decent, filling protein, then find either a pulse dish you could serve or consider making a Thai red curry using tempeh.

Another way around the protein thing is to serve her a simple miso soup with wakame, and whatever vegetables you want, as a starter. They are very simple to make once you have the paste. I don't like the satchets of already made soup as they are too sweet for my tastes but they are also an option. She could then just have the vegetables and the dessert in the next courses.

sellontrademe, May 8, 4:01am
Whole roasted cauliflower or celeriac, there are loads of lovely spice blends you can put on them, butter is key to good flavouring towards the end of the cooking

lilyfield, May 8, 11:41pm
As a vegetarien I do not like look alike or taste alike " meat" substitutes

ruby19, May 10, 6:41am
Not sure what veggies you are serving, but what about a cauliflower and broccoli cheese bake dish to go with them and say some yorkshire puddings. Can be made or purchased frozen.
Being vegetarian and family being meat eaters, I usually serve cauli broc cheese, crunchy roast potatoes, roasted pumpkin, kumara, parsnips and carrots. Green beans or good old baby minted peas. Roasted brussel sprouts are good, but not to everyones taste.
i have made a really good mushroom gravy
If you did want to serve a meat substitute, the quorn spinach schnitzel ones aren't too bad.

kitty179, May 10, 6:52am
The Linda McCartney Mozzarella Burgers are fantastic. A bit pricey but loved by us, and by our meat-eating friends. A good firm texture. Not vegan, though, as they contain cheese so be sure you double check the preferences of your guest/s.

joybells2, May 10, 7:40am
An eggplant lasagne is nice

mss2006, May 10, 8:21am
Great responses thank you everyone for replying. I will post what I choose to serve on Monday! Thanks again.

frances1266, May 10, 10:12pm
Vegetarian or vegans do not have to worry about protein as it is available in nearly everything we eat.

motorbo, May 11, 5:22am
make stuffing balls
mix together: finely chopped nuts/breadcrumbs/an egg/salt and pepper/fresh tomato/finely diced red pepper and onion and parsley and sage shape to balls and bake. everyone will love them

uli, May 16, 9:48pm
Of course there is always "chicken free chicken". Made in NZ from peas and a host of other ingredients it is not nearly as processed as other meat substitutes. However if she is vegetarian then she might not want a dish tasting like real chicken.

ruby19, May 17, 6:19am
Bit late as you have aleady hosted dinner, but if you have to cater again this veggie pulled pork recipe is good!
I have made this twice already, really tasty.

uli, May 19, 5:38am
Where do you get fresh jackfruit in NZ?

noelinevc, May 19, 7:10am
The recipe is tinned jackfruit in brine - can get that at most Asian food shops - have not found fresh

ruby19, Sep 20, 3:58pm
Yes tinned in brine, around $2 a tin. At asin stores.

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