Kumara Salad Recipe

willman, Dec 11, 8:06am
I have been asked to take a Kumara Salad, for Christmas Lunch.
Anyone got an easy to make recipe they would like to share, Please.
One I had tried, some time ago, I believe the Kumara was boil, then cooled then cut up. A dressing was made of Sour Cream and Salad dressing. If you can help, I would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

nauru, Dec 11, 9:03am
I make a Kumara and Chickpea salad with a curry dressing. I can post the recipe if you'd like it

paora-tm, Dec 11, 9:51am
Love the Thai Kumara & Carrot salad you buy from supermarket delis.

glasshalfull, Dec 11, 10:47am
Yes willman that is about it. Use twice the mayo to the sour cream. You can use aioli or whatever. You can also add a squeeze of lemon juice to the dressing. Mix with those lovely Thai coated peanuts and sprinkle rest over the top.

The other nice one is roasted kumara in bite size pieces, red onion and mustard seeds. This is lovely hot or cold. Dress with balsamic vinegar and dried tomatoes.

lythande1, Dec 11, 6:23pm
Red, Orange or Golden Kumara, peeled and cut into 1cm cubes
1 capsicum cut into 2cm pieces.
2tbsp Oil
1 tbsp Cider Vinegar
1 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Mild Mustard
1 spring Onion
100g Feta, cubed
Salt Pepper

Cook the kumara and allow to cool. Season the kumara .
in a cup or small bowl, mix together the oil with the cider vinegar, honey and mustard to make the dressing.

Toss together the kumara, capsicum, onion and feta. Add the dressing, .

willman, Dec 11, 6:44pm
Thanks everyone.

I will be able to make something that will do nicely, with all those lovely recipes. Time to print some off.

Merry Christmas to all.

willman, Dec 11, 6:49pm
Yes, Nauru, I would like your recipe, please, of the Kumara and Chickpea/curry dressing, sounds nice, Thanks.

geldof, Dec 11, 8:42pm
I love kumera, orange and bacon (with spring onions) and a creamy dressing.

fruitbat, Dec 11, 8:45pm
Love it!

cottagerose, Dec 12, 4:39am
Kumera diced, thin slithers of red onion and pieces of an orange. When cold mix in honey mustard dressing. Very tasty

molly37, Dec 12, 6:39am
We all love Chelsea Winters Kumara Salad. Its so easy and yum~! http://chelseawinter.co.nz/chelseas-famous-kumara-bacon-salad/

nauru, Dec 12, 6:39am
Kumara Chickpea salad
1 large kumera
1 can chickpeas
½ red capsicum diced
3 spring onions or ½ red onion chopped
chopped coriander
1 Tablsp nigella seeds
Curry Dressing
2 Tablsp mayonnaise
3 Tablsp sour cream
2 Tablsp milk
2 Tablsp sweet thai chilli sauce
1 teasp curry powder
¼ teasp ground cumin

Cube kumara and steam until tender, cool and put into a bowl. Add drained chickpeas, capsicum and spring onions or red onion, coriander and nigella seeds. Mix together well, add curry dressing and mix. Put in fridge overnight. Add a little milk to loosen if it seems a little dry.
Dressing: Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well
Recipe is best made a day ahead to allow flavours to develope. You can double triple recipe for a crowd.

slimgym, Dec 12, 3:39pm
who can afford kumera at the moment

edit to say, if you go to the side bar and put kumara salad in, you will find some more

willman, Dec 12, 10:15pm
Thanks nauru.

sounds lovely, thank you for putting it up.

nauru, Dec 13, 1:19am
You are welcome

paora-tm, Dec 13, 2:27am
The person who draws the short straw and gets designated the kumara salad provider. :)

tinkagirl, Dec 13, 2:50am
This is just lovely, got it off here a couple of years ago. I make it all the time.

Kumara and Carrot salad (like the one at countdown or new world)

• 500g of red kumara peeled and chopped into 2cm chunks and 300g carrots chopped into 1 cm chunks. Boil these until tender (I roasted them),
• 1/2 small red onion grated, 1 garlic clove, crushed or grated, 1/2 tsp chilli powder, 1/2 tsp ground cumin, 1 tsp curry powder, 1 tbsp honey, 2/3 cup canola oil and a small tin of crushed pineapple in juice (include the juice), handful fresh coriander leaves, chopped roughly, salt and pepper.
• Mix the sauce ingredient’s together and pour over hot veggies and it will soak in nicely.

unknowndisorder, Dec 13, 7:41am
I got a couple of bags at PNS the Other week for a reasonable price, considering the weekend before I had paid over $10 for 3 big ones. PNS were smaller, but that is fine.

slimgym, Dec 31, 10:13am
love it haha

slimgym, Nov 9, 1:12am
I'm sure I read here about a kumera and banana salad anyone got the recipe tried the side bar but that didn't bring it up

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