Does anyone use Maple Bourbon balsamic vinegar?

samanya, May 11, 5:35am
I've been using it & buying as gifts & it's to die for . you could almost swig it from the bottle!
I use it mainly with slow roasted vegetables & it's great.
I love the flavour so much so I was wondering if anyone used it for other dishes?
The brand I buy is Australian (I think) & it's 'Your Inspiration at Home' & sold mostly at craft/food type events down here.

geldof, May 11, 5:58am
You may struggle to get it now. Pretty certain YIAH has ceased trading

samanya, May 11, 6:25am
Thanks for your reply even if it was news I didn't want to hear ;o)
Bu**er . my current bottle has a ph # on the side . 021 312230.
& a local one . might try phoning tomorrow.
How could they discontinue something so delicious!

malcovy, May 11, 6:42am
Please let us all know how you get on. Thanks

samanya, May 11, 6:43am
sure will.

malcovy, May 11, 6:45am
Damn you were too fast. I corrected my error too lol.

samanya, Sep 24, 4:19pm
I'm quick!

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