Impossible pie or similar

korbo, Dec 10, 5:20am
had a recipe for this, but cant find it. I have heaps of eggs, and wanted to make a quiche type thing for dinner. any help would be appreciated

cgvl, Dec 10, 5:27am
Long time since I have made it, but from memory its eggs, milk and whatever cooked vegies you have on hand, bacon or ham and 1-2Tbsp plain flour and seasoning. Beat eggs with milk and flour, add vegies and bacon or ham to a quiche dish and pour liquid over, cover with cheese if desired. Bake at 200C until set. Hope that helps.

samanya, Dec 10, 5:55am
There was a thread a while back, started by pickles, I think & it had a few recipes for sweet & savoury 'impossible' pies/quiches.
I can't remember the exact thread title so haven't been successful in searching.
Maybe if pickles sees this, she will help you out.

korbo, Dec 10, 9:28am
thanks. made one and it was delicimo

dairymaid, Nov 23, 9:02pm
its a great way to use leftovers so they don't go to waste

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