Zip 3.5 Litre Black Oval Slow Cooker

player_smurf, Sep 1, 11:29pm
Anyone got one of these? On sale at Briscoes for $39.99 down from $99.99
I have had a Sunbeam Crockpot for 30 years but it fell off the shelf in the garage and smashed the liner and the lid! Not something i use a lot but good for winter soups and casseroles.

dibble35, Sep 2, 3:03am
Dont know if mines a 3.5L cooker but its a zip large black oval one, had it for a long time, it works well. I tend to use it for making pulled pork and slow cook rice pudding.

nzhel, Sep 2, 3:19am
I was given a large black oval Zip cooker a few years back and don't overly like it. It cooks a lot hotter than my ancient old crockpot so my usual recipes can tend to overcook or dry out. The timing certainly needs to be readjusted for usual recipes if you are used to using your old Sunbeam. I hardly use the Zip cooker.

korbo, Dec 31, 5:41am
yes I have one, and find it perfect. just the right size for the 2 of us.

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