Can anyone help with eggs splitting.

may321, May 10, 7:00am
When making scambled eggs or quiche. Can someone please tell me why sometimes the egg mixture splits. and goes watery.


kabbo, May 10, 7:04am
i think that is because it is overcooked.

245sam, May 10, 7:05am
may321, if scrambled egg "goes watery" it usually means that the egg mixture has been overcooked and/or boiled - egg mixtures are best if cooked gently and not overdone - for best results remove the scrambled eggs from the heat source (stove-top or microwave) before they are fully cooked and by the time they are served they should be just right.

Hope that helps. :-))

jaybee2003, May 10, 7:14am
Adding milk, cream or water to egg mixtures makes them more prone to separate if they are cooked too hot, too long, or not whisked sufficiently. For both quiches and scrambled eggs, it pays to whisk the eggs really well, making sure the egg white in particular is well blended in and the mixture is smooth.

A fix it for watery scrambled eggs: Whisk a raw egg until totally smooth, then stir it through, off the heat, and it should bind all together.

cookessentials, May 10, 7:25am
Always cook low and slow and don't overcook. You should just gently fold the mixture as it cooks. Gordon Ramsay does a good demo on making scrambled eggs.

uli, May 10, 7:46am
Too much liquid added to the eggs.

For scrambled eggs, just use eggs, nothing else.

For quiche use enough flour to make it thick so it will bind up.

Also with quiches it depends what you add to it. If you grate a raw courgette/zuchini into the quiche dough then that will give off a lot of water as it cooks, so you have to add more flour to bind it together.

jag5, May 10, 9:27pm
Perfect scrambles eggs... ... . add 1tbspn cream to whisked eggs with pinch salt and touch of pepper (too much salt with toughen eggs) or you can leave seasoning until cooked.

It is amazing what the cream does to scrambled eggs as opposed to using milk.

may321, May 11, 8:57pm
Thanks a lot for your input to my problem. i wondered if it was overcook that caused it. I know that adding cream to quiches and not milk makes a lovely quiche. and doesnt seem to split. thanks again. .

ferita, May 11, 8:59pm
too much liquid in the eggs.

lookingfor, May 14, 7:53am
Mum informs me that boiling the scrambled eggs will cause them to separate. She also states that she has used lots of milk in her scrambled eggs with no problems. And over cooking will make them go rubbery

may321, May 8, 12:46pm
thanks for all your ideas.

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