Pumpkin soup recipes please

walker18, Mar 26, 11:17pm
i have been given a big piece of pumpkin so need to use it .

nunesy, Mar 28, 8:30am
Google to find a super basic recipe: ie fry onion/garlic til soft, add pumpkin, add stock, simmer. To one of these recipes, I like to add a dollop of thai curry paste (in a jar, red or green is fine) to the onion before adding the pumpkin, just heat til fragrant, and then some coconut milk at the end. Not too much, depending on your amounts, start with half a cup. Adds a delicious thai kick to a 'normal' soup - leave out nutmeg/other spices in the recipe if you do this.

aaron235, Mar 31, 4:38am
roast it

kamo63, Mar 31, 5:08am
and add some curry and a can of tomatoes to the soup.

fifie, Oct 8, 4:40pm
Tasty soup.Cut pumpkin into chunks, put in roasting dish with bulb garlic skin on, chunks onion drizzle of oil and bake till cooked. Pan fry some bacon rhind off till crispy.Take skin off when cool, process pumpkin onion squeeze out garlic, and bacon, add teasp curry powder sp with chicken stock in food processor in batches till you get thickness you like, serve with spoon sour cream sprinkled with chopped chives.

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