Has anyone cooked pork belly like this?

dbab, Jun 29, 10:55pm

I remember her being a contestant on Masterchef Australia.

trogedon, Jun 29, 11:58pm
Got to hope not.

geldof, Jun 30, 2:48am
Interesting. Worth a try, I think.

lythande1, Jun 30, 3:14am
With a thing on it. no.
Without thing works just as well.

korbo, Jun 30, 3:17am
trogedon. why not? -

Love my crispy pork.

buzzy110, Jun 30, 5:06am
Looks like a great way to cook pork belly. I'll definitely try this next time. I usually always cook it 'twice cooked' style because basically has very little shrinkage and I can stretch one out to three meals or six servings.

dbab, Jun 30, 6:37am
We've just had this for dinner. I probably won't cook it this way again.
Minimal crackling only after I put it under the grill. The crackle was still chewy at the base of the skin. The meat was okay, but nothing outstanding.
I have never had any issues with Chelsea Winter's recipe, so will stick with that. It gives beautiful tender meat.

bisloy, Jul 1, 11:14am
Is that the one cooked in milk?

dbab, Aug 11, 9:15am
No, its cooked skin side down for an hour and then skin side up for 10 minutes.

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