Feijoa cake - inside moist

rayonline_tm, May 19, 5:00am
Is this the way it is? I tried it twice. The second time I extended cooking time. I used 4 feijoas when it asked for 1.5 cups.


geldof, May 19, 5:18am
Most feijoa cakes are moist. Do you mean gluggy or raw?
Would help to see the recipe.

rayonline_tm, May 19, 5:44am
gluggy :)


After it cools on a rack it shrinks back down.

rayonline_tm, May 19, 6:14am

gabbysnana, May 19, 6:31am
too wet, more flour and raising agent.

geldof, May 19, 6:52am
lol, I have that book marked to make.
That doesn't look like a cake with 2 cups of flour in it.
Was the consistency right before you baked it, and did you remember the baking soda?

rayonline_tm, May 19, 8:26am
Yep I used baking soda 1 teaspoon with 2 tablespoon with hot milk. it was added just before the flour after the creaming the sugar / button, the feijoa and the 2 eggs. I still remember it lol.

2C of flour yes. I used 4 feijoas without measuring including the skin pulsed in the processor. Too much?

The flour is the Value Flour from Pak N Save. 5kg bag. I used the NZ classical glass measuring cup. 2C right to the top.

rayonline_tm, May 19, 8:40am
Hmmm . the baking soda expired 2016. Have another opened one that expires next year.

geldof, May 19, 9:32am
The baking soda should have 'fizzed' in the warm milk. If it didn't then it's probably had it.

rayonline_tm, May 19, 9:32am
Ok . I tested my baking soda with white vinegar. The one that is expired didn't fizz. The other one did. It was just like water. Did nothing.

I googled it. Baking powder with warm water and baking soda with white vinegar :) Now to a 3rd take. Haha.

geldof, May 19, 10:50am
Good luck.
I'm sure it will be a success this time.
The other ones would still have been nice with some custard or icecream for dessert.

rayonline_tm, May 20, 2:51am
Tried this one with fresh baking soda. Success. Lol.

articferrit, May 20, 3:20am
I made that recipe recently, its easy to make but we think it needs a bit more 'something' not too sure what yet, but it was a bit lacking flavour.

geldof, Sep 20, 4:18am
I add ground ginger to my feijoa loaves.