What makes a muffin moist????

marley, Aug 16, 12:26am
My muffins keep coming out dryish ? ? ? I want them moist... I about to attempt blueberry muffins... any tips for moistness people! ! !

wahinetoa62, Aug 16, 12:28am
i always take things about just before they are cooked through and the heat continues to cook them... . and once cool i keep them in a plastic bag which keeps them moist as well

marley, Aug 16, 12:40am
aaahhhh good point wahine! ! ! Thanks! ! !

stompy, Aug 16, 12:52am
Maybe you need to try another recipe there should be plenty of butter and milk, egg.

lil_miss_haley, Aug 16, 12:55am
The best muffin recipe I've used had a cup of yoghurt in them. Can't give you the recipe though sorry cos I have no idea where it is!

nauru, Aug 16, 4:41am
I have a nice recipe which makes moist muffins. will look it out and post for you later.

nauru, Aug 16, 7:21am
Basic Bran Muffins
2 cups bran, 1/2 cup flour, 1 teasp baking powder, 1 teasp baking soda, 1/2 cup sultanas, 1/4 cup chopped walnuts, 1/2 cup golden syrup, 1 egg, 1 cup milk.
Put bran into mixing bowl, sieve next 3 ingredients onto bran. Add sultanas & nuts and mix together. Warm syrup in pan until runny, remove from heat and add egg and milk and mix well. Pour liquids onto dry ingredients and fold together until barely dampened. Divide between into a 12 med sized muffin pan which ahve been greased or spray with cooking spray. Bake @ 200C for 10-15 mins.

These are really nice muffins, sometimes I substitute apple for sultanas and add 1 teasp cinnamon to the dry ingredients.

macandrosie, Aug 16, 8:05am
I don't think they need plenty of butter because bran muffins don't have any. I think baking soda helps make them moist along with yoghurt, & milk.

tortenz, Aug 16, 11:04pm
Put a bit of oil in... replace half of the butter with oil, it will make quite a difference :)

catfan, Aug 16, 11:46pm
Alison Holst says that overmixing toughens muffins so DON'T beat well - just gently fold in the dry ingredients - just until the dry ingredients are dampened. You can substitue yogurt for milk - same quantity (cup for cup) - makes nice muffins and a bit softer. Can also use complementary yogurt flavours (eg apricot yogurt for apricot muffins) or just use plain. I think you adjust sugar if you use sweetened yogurt.

ferita, Aug 17, 12:42am
Things that make moisture -
fruit of vegetables: these lock in moisture, this is why carrot and banana cakes are often very moist.

Oil: Oil keeps a cake moist (even if the moisture is oil)

Sugar: the hygroscopic nature of sugar makes cakes or muffins moist (especially when combine with fat). Brown sugar is more hygroscopic then white sugar and technically should make a moister baked good.

elliehen, Aug 17, 6:14am
It's hard to make a dry apple or berry muffin - fruit and veg content are the key to moist muffins.

Also, the idea of putting cooled muffins in a plastic bag is one Alison Holst has suggested. Muffins really need to be eaten on the day they're baked, or frozen and reheated.

gardie, Aug 17, 6:22am
Undercook slightly. Check 2 mins before time and up and muffin just springs back when lightly touched.

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