Moist choc. cake for

suzanne39, Apr 7, 7:08am
birthday cake to go in 2 loaf tins. Has any one got a good one it needs to be baked them not going to be eaten for a couple of days.

caroline66, Apr 7, 9:38am
I've made this twice now. It was one of the best cakes ever and people raved about it. You could leave the coffee out and just make a plain choc icing. We stored it (covered) in the fridge and it was just as good up to two days later.

doug57, Jan 10, 4:48pm
4 T oil, 1. 5C sugar, 2 eggs. 1/2 C cocoa, 2C sr flour, 1 tspn Bicarb soda, 1 tspn vanilla ess, 1C boiling water. Bung in a bowl and beat well.
Place in greased cake pan and bake 40-45 mins [180/350] This is moist and rich. Ice with choccy icing!

When I do a heap of baking, I always make this and leave it un-iced in a tupperware for 2-3 days to give everyone a chance to make a dent in the other goodies. Then I ice it!

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