Sugar - Free Cordials.

valentino, Aug 23, 2:54am
Continuing with this Sugar - free Cordials.

Pineapple but simple as from above berry cordial.

Have students staying and they are drinking my Lemon juice too quick, they love the sweetness of it compared to most others that are too sweet.
So I suggested to try Pineapple, (had not done this for a while, lol), a student came home the other day with a pineapple.

Peeled it, split into two portions of smaller pieces, blitz one portion in the blender topped with sufficient water then into a 3 litre bottle. Repeated with the remaining portion then added a desert spoon full of Stevia plus a little to taste, topped the bottle to near the top for 3 litres and cap on, tip it upside down and fro then refrigerated overnight.
The following day it disappeared, took only about half a day, hmmmm was miles better than those store bought fruit drinks / cordials.


valentino, Aug 23, 7:54am
Will have a look at this, thank you.

marcs, Aug 23, 8:40am
I find that artificial sweeteners make me crave more sugar.

valentino, Aug 23, 7:50pm
Stevia is not an artificial sweetener.

Check it out.

buzzy110, Aug 23, 10:27pm
It may not be an artificial sweetener, but you are correct in that it does make some of us crave more sugar.

When we eat something sweet the body doesn't know it is non-nutritive so it produces insulin in preparation for the expected glucose that it thinks is heading its way. So now you have all this insulin and nothing for it to work with. The insulin is a hard working hormone and wants to perform its designated purpose. Therefore insulin sends a signal to the brain asking for it to send a signal back to your stomach telling it to release a hormone that makes you hungry for sugar.

But all is not lost. The drinks in this thread do contain nutritive sweeteners in the form of berries, pineapple and lemon juice so maybe they will cancel out the effects of the non-nutritive stevia.

I actually don't see any reason for adding stevia to pineapple. As with all tropical fruits, it is already too sweet but maybe the water dilutes that sweetness somewhat, I don't know. I've never wanted to do anything with pineapple other than eat it as it is because it is so deliciously sweet and juicy.

It is best to eat pineapple in the sun - lol.

valentino, Aug 23, 10:47pm
I too love eating Pineapple.
I also have a very sweet tooth but is now under a personal disciplined control.
However, one gets very thirsty or as in my case, dehydrate lot via sweating. I'm one of those that will sweat by doing nothing and you can get wet hands simply by just holding mine.
Fruit juices via stores are too sweet or god only knows what goes into them.
Water is too plain to me so will drink large volumes of flavoured water and the more natural flavoured items to me is a must. Must quench that thirst as best as possible.
So drinking water with fruit infused/blended to me is a great option and perhaps others who may be similar as myself.
Also need to be wary of controlling diabetes and those noted above have so far proven great via personal glucose testing.

Also, Stevia is now classified as a Superfood on a level higher than most other superfoods, it even balances the alkaline/acid levels ideally.

mothergoose_nz, Aug 24, 1:20am
Remember there is natural sugar in fruit. This can put on weight. Been there done that. Five fruit a day.

valentino, Nov 24, 2:32am
Bought some Frozen Cubes of Passionfruit last weekend from P n S and using the method as in the opening post, used it with berries.

Made up a total amount of 6 litres, a bag of Passionfruit (500g), a bag of frozen Blueberries (500g) and a bag of Frozen Berries consisting of Strawberries - raspberries and blackberries (1kg) topped eventually with water to the 6 litres level.

Straight after blending in batches, I do put all through a strainer to take out all the seeds etc, this is the time consuming part though the end result is great.

Could go further like even say 7 or 8 litres depending on personal tastes etc.

Now, I think personally, this drink could be ideal to serve as a special at Christmas time, all nicely presented accordingly, ho ho hooo.

valentino, Mar 12, 11:10pm
Been having a number of Fruit Smoothies recently but still have that thirst for more, mainly liquids. Yep plenty of water but my desire for that sweet touch is unforgiving.
Have very recently been doing "Cordials" that are sugar free.

This recipe is where one can use most fruits to suit and the key thing is simmering the fruits to get that more concentrated taste into the water etc. The trouble is that everyone else is drinking it, at least it is less expensive than similar quantity in Fruit Smoothies.

Try it, it is nice too share.

Sugar Free Forest Berry or other fruits Hydrating Cordial

There is no more delicious way to quench your summer thirst than with a delicious, sugar-and-guilt-free, home-made cordial. Made with 100% real fruit, and naturally sweetened with Stevia extract, this recipe is a sure winner. (Have altered a little to suit me and using "NuNatural NuStevia White Stevia Powder").

Approx 500 grams frozen mixed Berries / Fruits
1 tsp Stevia Extract / Powder
3L of Fresh Water
Extra Stevia Powder

In a small pot, lightly warm the berries and Stevia with ¼ cup of water.
Bring the berries to a light simmer, and cook for 10 minutes or
until it resembles pouring cream in thickness.
Adding additional Stevia until sweetness is approximately 4 times sweeter
than you’d like (remember its going to get watered down).
Pour the berry mix into your blender and blend for 30 seconds, or until completely smooth.
Transfer your home-made, antioxidant-rich cordial into a small bottle and store in the fridge.
Use cordial as you like in drinking water, that is – dilute as you go method or mix it to 3 litres (or by taste) by adding water or alternatively freeze it into ice blocks.

Have used fresh pineapple also and it was nice too.
Imagine apples etc should work too.


jan2242, Mar 12, 11:47pm
That sounds really nice. I will be trying it.

valentino, Mar 13, 12:18am
Hmmm, one thing I should had noted tooo, do not shake the cordial prior to adding more water nor afterwards and not to blend or blitz the fruit fast but do it at a slower or lower speed in shorter bursts.

It can froth up quite easily and the froth can remain for quite a while.


valentino, Mar 17, 12:24am
Super Sugar-Free Lemon Drink. I did put a recipe somewhere else but this is now as simple as this, perhaps one day will try simmering the rest of a squeezed lemons as in the first post and add this to see how this goes too.

Into a 3 litre juice bottle fresh lemon juice of 6 lemons, even add a wee bit of flesh if it comes through with the juice, then dilute in 3/4 cup of water 1 1/2 to 2 dessertspoons of stevia powder (as in above recipe) and add it to the juice then simply top up with water rinsing that cup a couple of times.
Gently tip the bottle upside down and back again a few times then refrigerate. A very nice refreshing drink.

My partner uses this as a split with her white wines, 2/3 of wine and 1/3 of lemon drink, it is surprisingly very nice especially if you were brought up as such like she was, LOL.


valentino, Mar 17, 8:21am
Sorry but getting lax in my wording lately.

When finished completing the cordials, please allow to be refrigerated for at least 8 hours before starting to drink it. It is a big difference from freshly and warm to when it has been cooled after a time.


sunnyflower, Mar 18, 12:40am
wow thank you :)

jan2242, Mar 18, 12:42am
Many thanks for the other recipe as well.

jan2242, Mar 18, 12:51am
Instead of wine, I think vodka would go down well with either LOL. Making them today, testing tomorrow, headache Monday LOL

valentino, Nov 30, 10:08pm
Surprise Surprise, no headaches, just gets sleepy at times later on, LOL and cheers.

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