Annabel Langbeins Orange Lightening Cake

marcs, Mar 6, 5:04am
I have made this but really unsure as it did not have much raising agents in it. Only a tsp of bi carb. Anyone else made it? Any feed back. I have made the orange magical cake from here but I hate the recipe. The texture is all wrong.

kay34, Mar 6, 5:09am
Its soooo yummy! I make it frequently. Makes good muffins too.

marcs, Mar 7, 11:06am
It turned out very nice. I used mandarins. A bit crumbly though.

rop, Mar 7, 7:56pm
I've made it a couple of times and we liked it. It has a dense texture quite like fruit cake and it's not very sweet.

leonieb, Mar 8, 12:57am
I have made it a few times. Works well.

dreamers, Mar 8, 1:46am
I dissolve the Baking soda in orange juice and add another 1/2 cup of juice to the mixture. Comes out as a lighter cake ,which we prefer to a denser one.

patsprat, Mar 8, 9:58pm
I use 2 oranges rather than 1 to make it really orangey (does it have 2 oranges? then I use 3, more then the recipe says anyway)
Dreamers - is your mix quite sloppy with the extra liquid? do you have to cook it longer?

dreamers, Mar 9, 1:18am
It's not too sloppy as it's only another 1/2 cup of liquid,took 1 hour 10 to cook .

patsprat, Mar 9, 3:31am
Thanks, will try that.

marcs, Mar 9, 10:16am
I'll remember that for next time. I prefer light cakes and this one was a little to heavy.

carol113, Jul 13, 8:27pm
Can anybody who has baked this cake please tell me if you cooked it to the temperature as per the recipe at all?.On her website somebody commented that they cooked it at 170 for 45 minutes and turned out nice. Just asking as I never seem to have much luck baking cakes and so want to try this one. Thanks Carol

marcs, Jul 14, 1:15pm
It depends on your oven. Do you have a fan forced than to be sure I would go with 165 deg. Make sure you check the cake at 40 minutes to see if it is cooked. You can cook extra if not cooked. All ovens vary and you will have to experiment to find out what works for you. An example would be my oven is hotter so make sure I turn it down 5 deg from what is indicated on the recipes. Also I find the back end of the cake that is closer to the fan burns so half way through baking I have turn my cake 180 deg to make sure I don't have one side burnt and one side perfect.

carol113, Jul 15, 1:05am
Yes I do have a fan forced oven. Many thanks for your tips. will get baking it now

oopie, Jul 15, 7:50am

autumnwinds, Jul 17, 5:40am
** bump **

wheelz, Jul 17, 5:48am
Wouldn't make her orange cake or the magical one again. don't like the texture and I can taste the bitter pith of the orange.
Just the juice and zest only if I make an orange cake.

hidecote01, Jul 18, 8:29pm
Orange muffins with sultanas or choc chips or chopped dates in them are lovely.

carol113, Jul 20, 2:31am
Made it in the weekend but thought it was abit heavy.

figjamto, Jul 28, 5:46pm
While the cake mix tasted lovely, the actual cake was disappointing, heavy and stodgy. I am not a huge fan of Annabel Langbeins recipes

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