Old C W I cook book, chinese chew recipe

pearlypearl, Jun 10, 3:20am
has anyone made this recipe from the book of C W I.
decided to make these biscuits today and just turned out terrible, recipe has no eggs in it , other online recipes have eggs, was it a mistake in cook book .
page 118

crazynana, Jun 12, 1:33am
I have this recipe for Chinese Chews from an ancient Edmonds book. Beat 2 eggs with 6ozs brown sugar. Add 3ozs melted butter 1tsp vanilla. Pour into mixed dry ingredients. 4ozs flour, pinch salt, 1 1/2ozs rolled oats, 1tsp baking powder. Add 4ozs chopped dates, 3ozs chopped walnuts and 4ozs preserved ginger. Bake in a square tin 180C for 30/40 minutes and cut into squares while hot. Don't know if this is of any help to you OP

barbiedoll, Jun 12, 2:44am
Yes, the one my old Mum used to make 60 years ago was more a slice than biscuits.

articferrit, Jun 12, 3:24am
I looked up chinese chew in my old books, 1 book has 2 recipes, one has an egg in it and the other one doesn't, I think chinese chew is a generic name for a slice with fruit in it, and it depends which version your mother made to which one you think is the right one.

pearlypearl, Aug 29, 1:15am
im sure my recipe is missing an egg its just so dry.
one cup oatina, one cup coconut, one cup flour, half cup sugar, quarter cup butter, one cup of dates, half cup preserved ginger, half cup walnuts,
one teaspoon soda, one tablespoon golden syrup, two tablespoons of boiling water.
melt butter, sugar and syrup, add boiling water with soda in.
then add dry ingredients. spread in flat meat tin with a fork and cook about fifteen minutes in a good oven until nicely browned.
this is the recipe from main question.
thanks for the comments

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