How do I cool down a curry

seniorbones, May 9, 5:03am
the recipe said 1 tabs of chilie flakes! didnt even put all of them in and its still very hot! (chilli hot that is). But has a beautiful flavour of all the other spices. maybe more yorghurt?

beaker59, May 9, 5:11am
have the yogurt on the side, and have more rice to go with the curry You will get to like the chilli its very addictive.

kiwigoldie, May 9, 5:11am
more yogurt, sour cream, cream or coconut cream can all cool it if you are desperate... .

elliehen, May 9, 5:16am
And have bread on the side - it takes the heat straight from the throat :)

fisher, May 9, 5:21am
hmmmm that's the heat I like lol:}} not the mouth hot heat... .

karenz, May 9, 5:25am
can you pick some of the chilli flakes out? Personally I hate hot chilli dishes, makes to sense to me to eat something that hurts. Chilled milk is good to have on hand, wine is not a good match for chilli (in my chilli disliking opinion).

battgirl, May 9, 5:26am
God, ain't that the truth? ! I have chilli flakes on just about everything these days.

natalie9, May 9, 8:23am
Yep sure is addictive...

mvo, May 9, 8:44am
A curry I made tonight which was a tad to hot for my "mild" taste - just add a dollop of yogurt on the side and serve up some more rice...

cookessentials, May 9, 9:25am
"Raita" is traditionally served with curry as it cools the mouth. Raita has a yoghurt base and fienly chopped cucumber in it.

cookessentials, May 9, 9:26am
some say lemon or lime juice, coconut cream or honey will do the trick.

elliehen, May 9, 12:24pm
Me too... but not the heat that blisters the lips and swells the eyelids ;)

living1, May 9, 6:45pm
I use a bit of sugar and some lemon-juice if I make it a bit hot. Raita and naan help, too.

daleaway, May 10, 1:17am
Add one or two potatoes to the mix and recook.

(I've made this mistake as well, when following a UK recipe. I think their chilli/cayenne is milder than ours. )

seniorbones, May 10, 4:19am
thanks all, I added more yoghurt and it did cool a little and I managed a small amount, I also had raita in the fridge pam so used that too the mint in it added more flavour and even though it was hot I could still taste the other flavours hubby thought it was the best but he like curries hotter than me. I think its soup tonight and he can have the rest! ! !

hestia, Apr 17, 7:55am
Agree with living1 about the sugar. I have heard that you use sugar to cool down the heat of chilli. I have been to some Thai restaurants - they provide a condiment tray with a bowl of sugar (ordinary white table sugar). Assume that it is there for you to add to your food if it is too spicy.