Recipe using Heavy Cream.What do I use

carol113, Jul 6, 4:20am
I am hoping to make a pasta dish but am confused as to what Heavy cream is.Can somebody please tell me what I can use. It is in the sauce for the chicken fetuccini.

geldof, Jul 6, 4:33am
just use our normal cream.

carol113, Jul 6, 4:34am
Thanks Geldof

lindi4, Jul 6, 4:49am
Its in the supermarket by the other cream

davidt4, Jul 6, 5:12am
If you can find Lewis Road Double Cream use that, otherwise just ordinary plain cream.

carol113, Jul 6, 5:38am
OMG. Lewis Road sounds divine.Love there products. thanks so much for advise.Much appreciated

duckmoon, Jul 6, 11:14am
Heavy cream or double cream is usually an English ingredient with about 44% fat.

Single cream much less than that.

In New Zealand, cream has about 40% fat - so if you are using an English recipe calling for double cream - the product we call "cream" will work just fine.

(Not sure I have got the %ages accurate, but that are about right)

crazynana, Jul 7, 2:34am
You can use the Carnation Cooking Cream which is good because it doesn't split when heated as ordinary cream does sometimes. It is in the supermarket with the UHT milk, cream, condensed milk etc. It is so handy to have in the pantry as you don't have to refrigerate it and it keeps for months. It is great for making Lemonade scones too. . I just put about 3 good cups self raising flour in a bowl, pour in the cream and fill the cream container with lemonade and tip that in. Mix with a knife and add more flour if necessary. Then just make as normal.

lythande1, Jul 7, 2:46am
Cream. Ours is what the UK calls double cream.

carol113, Jul 7, 7:54pm
Thanks all for your great advise.I used Lewis Rd double cream and it was perfect.Recipe came out really nice

timturtle, Jul 7, 9:16pm
Can you post the recipe ? Thanks

korbo, Jul 8, 1:51am
yes would love the recipe

carol113, Jul 8, 2:50am
I havnt got a scanner so will see if i can photo it . Or if all else fails then I will write it out here tomorrow. mmm. Now i have left over cream for dessert tonight. I need that like a hole in the head lol.

carol113, Jul 8, 2:51am
I used delamine fresh egg fetuccini and OMG. It was so good.

carol113, Jul 8, 3:19am

carol113, Jul 8, 3:20am
Please let me know if it is to small and I will type it out tomorrow

carol113, Jul 9, 12:59am
Have posted the recipe on a new thread for one pot chicken Alfredo.

kclu, Jul 9, 4:30am
Does this mean that it keeps for months in the fridge after opening?

duckmoon, Jul 9, 6:21am
i would think that it means that it is shelf stable until it is opened.
After opening, it would keep in the fridge for 3-10 days (look on the packet for how long )

crazynana, Aug 3, 5:16pm
I think that is correct duckmoon. I have never had to keep any as I use the whole pottle.

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