12kg of Xmas mince

kay34, Sep 15, 6:18am
put into bags, grog added, now in the fridge, all ready for Labour weekend.

samanya, Sep 15, 6:26am
Holy moly . well done you
That's a hell of a lot of Christmas mince.

groomingtools, Sep 15, 6:44am
I thought I made large quantities

kay34, Sep 15, 7:04am
Ahh, i confess, i do cheat, 6 mixes, will probably get me 15 odd cakes - they're given as part of xmas gifts.

petal1955, Sep 15, 7:12am
Way to go girl !

mousiemousie, Sep 15, 7:23am
The batches I make are 125kgs

kay34, Sep 15, 7:28am
THATS impressive, well done!

popeye333, Sep 15, 7:30am
I thought I was doing good with 7 kilos of mixed fruit and four of glace cherries lol

mousiemousie, Sep 15, 8:36am
Certainly a big job. Usually make 5-6 batches in a day. Admittedly it is at work, wouldn't be too keen on trying to do this at home.

diddlypop, Dec 24, 10:04am
I used to do exactly that too but I used to put the fruit and brandy in a food grade bucket with lid. That way you could upside down the bucket every so many days.to even out the alcohol.through the fruit.

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