Royal Icing homemade

anne1955, Nov 24, 4:43am
I know why I don't do icing lol well have never 'mucked' around making royal icing and yes you can by it but can't afford the extra dollars and can't roll it out as arms and wrist & hands don't work as they should and don't think ACC will pay for help doing it. I normally do brandy butter icing but decided to do Royal Icing . I managed to get me very sticky lol and its on but there must be someone with hints on how to do it nicer than I have done lol. Looks like the Kindy kids have been in playing in it, lol so handy hints etc would be great thanks.

nauru, Nov 24, 6:30am
Sorry to hear that you have problems with your arms and wrists so doing anything will not be easy. Doing a snow scene on top of the cake with royal icing is easier than spreading it all over as it doesn't seem to matter how you put the icing on the cake as you rough it up to look like snow and it looks quite effective with a few Christmassy ornaments on the top and a ribbon tied around the cake. I sometimes do this if I'm time poor or feeling a little lazy after having a busy time.

anne1955, Nov 24, 5:39pm
Hi yes think the rest may well have a more rustic look lol and just top iced, just hate that I can no longer do things that use to be so simple Nauru

nauru, Nov 25, 6:36am
Anne, I know how you feel, I find it so frustrating at times. The mind is willing but sometimes the body ain't able anymore. Good luck with the cakes, sounds like you have a few to do.

punkinthefirst, Nov 28, 3:08am
Royal icing? (the one made with whipped egg white, a few drops of lemon juice or other acid ,and icing sugar). or Marzipan topped with soft fondant icing (both rolled out)?
If the latter, did you ice the cake in hot, damp or wet weather? Put it somewhere cool to dry out for a few days, then dust it VERY lightly with icing sugar mixed with an equal quantity of cornflour. Now, wash your hands thoroughly, dry them well, and dust your palms with a little cornflour - then polish the icing with your hands. keep rubbing it all over until the icing is smooth and shiny. It may take a while. Finish the decoration as usual. (That's a rescue).
Christmas cakes look really nice just glazed and topped with glace fruit, cherries and nuts and some people prefer them like that. Make a glaze by boiling down some sieved apricot jam and water until it is thick. Brush it over the cake, then arrange fruit and nuts on the top. Brush them with glaze once the first lot has set. Pak'n'Save (bulk bins) and Bin Inn both have good selections of different glace fruit.You won't need much of any one fruit, but think about the finished effect of contrasting colours and shapes and select nice looking pieces when you buy them. Hope that helps.

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