Raspberry Jam please

allurs, Nov 29, 6:53pm
Having trouble getting my jam to set. Has someone a recipe they don't have that problem with thanks. Don't want to loose this precious fruit.

kateley, Nov 29, 7:05pm
this is how I've always done it, and never had a failure

cgvl, Nov 29, 7:58pm
If you have access to some rhubarb I often put a stalk or two into my jams to help with setting. You can't see or taste it, otherwise I just use lemon juice usually from a slightly unripe lemon.
Other options are to use jam setting mix or the sugar with pectin in it.
My recipe is 1.5kg raspberries and 1.2kg sugar. No need to add water to the mix like you do with other fruit.

harrislucinda, Nov 29, 8:30pm
keep stirring in case it sticks to the pan never had trouble with setting

allurs, Nov 30, 6:06am
Thank you all.

scruff71, Nov 30, 7:35am
I just add black chia seeds to the fruit, stir well and keep in fridge. For extra sweetness, I might add a little maple syrup. Prefer this to regular raspberry jam.

lythande1, Nov 30, 6:58pm
Cook it longer, add juice of a lemon.

gayle6, Nov 28, 8:59pm
I use jam sugar and have no problems.

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